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Not complaining but......

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Ok guys, it’s been 10 months & 150 pounds lost so I’m happy thrilled even. My only complaint is I’m wanting sex all the time no really all the time. Let me explain I liked, enjoyed & wanted sex a lot before surgery but now it’s ramped up by 100% it feels like. The slightest thing then I’m trying to hide the bulge In my pants. I’m not complaining but before surgery I never had to hide anything because of the mountain of fat hiding my erections. I’ve gained “access” to about 3 inches & 5x the stamina easily. I’m a widower, currently single but I do have an ex girlfriend who is now more of a friend with benefits situation. She is loving the new me she was the one who encouraged me to have the surgery when others in my friends & family circle didn’t want me to have the surgery. However we can only get together every few weeks & hookers can be expensive (so I’ve been told). I guess what I’m asking is does your body, hormones or whatever calm down after a while.

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I am not a doctor but have read there are connections between belly fat and reduced testosterone levels and increased estrogen levels. If you had blood work before surgery you should compare your test levels to where they are now.

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    • Darbs4Mayor

      Met with my surgeon yesterday and he said that he is so excited for me and the progress that will be made! Waiting for insurance pre-auth and then will get everything scheduled! 
      So excited to start this journey and become a new person!! 
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    • Krestel

      New found appreciation for you all!
      So Im back in the US to take care of my aging father and it seems like more than ever that being bigger is the norm everywhere here. I cant say that Ive been the best, healthiest me at the moment, but I think you all Americans are doing GREAT to even be working towards the goal of getting healthier in face of all this temptation (even if you are a "slow loser"). So give all yourselves a pat on the back!
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      1. FluffyChix

        Yep. Temptation around every corner!

    • zombierayvinn

      I am now 10 days post op and I am down 16lbs. I had an allergic reaction to the glue my doctor used so I am still sore and trying to keep moving to not get stiff. 
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      1. Tory Myers

        Hello congratulations on your new journey I am 5 days post op and still trying to get the hang of things. I’m supposed to return back to work in a few days but still sore as well. Do you have any advice for me being 5 days post opt?

    • Tabatha529

      Hello,  I am brand new on here. 
      The doctor qualified me yesterday for the surgery, so now I have to take 12 weeks of education classes and then he said they will schedule the surgery 4-6 weeks after I complete the classes. 
      I am excited to start this new journey.
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    • Anki

      Am at the half-way mark of the six month pre-op program.  So excited!  Got clearance from psychologist this morning, so I scheduled my surgery consult for early March.  It is becoming more real now.  Have lost 18 pounds so far, since I began this journey on 12/18/19.  
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