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5 years ago today...first day of a new life

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5 years ago today was my VSG. Pre-op, I purposed myself to be THE perfect patent, to do everything as I was told to, to follow ALL the directions and do great. and, I did. I lost about 85 lbs of weight and loved life. However, I had a very gentle carb creep and hardly noticed it. Then, one night at work I thought it might be ok to have some watered down diet soda, and that was the beginning of a pretty big spiral downward. I regained in the neighborhood of 35 lbs. It took a pretty major health scare to get me back on track about 20 months ago. I got back on track, went strict Keto, and have lost my regain.

I've still got about 25 lbs to go before I'm ready for my plastics, but what a 5 year journey it has been. I left my career path, took a completely new position in my field, went to night shift, went back to grad school, graduated, changed jobs again, went back for post-grad studies, lost a parent, and have come full circle with my career.

What a journey. I am forever grateful that I had my surgery. People often ask me "if you lost weight on Keto, why didn't you just do that in the first place"? But they have no idea of my health pre-op, or the battles I faced without my surgery. I would do it again in a blink. I still consider myself a WLS patient, and will ALWAYS identify as a WLS patient. I talk to others about it, and I wanted to share my journey with you.

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Congrats! Thanks for sharing!! You should stick around and post!! Congrats on your successes and so sorry for the loss of your parent.

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    • Krestel

      Just saw this on Youtube about the Quarantine and weight loss:
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    • zombierayvinn

      I am almost 8 weeks post op and I am down to 157 from 202. I have been struggling with nausea but not vomiting. Anyone else having this happen?
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      1. Bastian

        After having horrendous nausea I did some reading and it seems quite common. Especially if you have ruled out eating too fast/too big a mouthful. Also drinking too soon will make you feel sick. I now take 2 antiemetics to help with my nausea, hopefully yours is just that you need to slow down eating etc

      2. BayougirlMrsS

        agree with the above. start a log of what and when you eat/drink

      3. zombierayvinn

        Thank you. I get the nausea throughout the day and night its kind of weird.

      4. BayougirlMrsS

        do you set a timer? This is also a hard one or me. During the time between the band removal and sleeve i got back into the habit of drinking with meals..... water, coffee, wine, cocktails.

        I find myself forgetting. In the past months i only threw up twice... so thats good, but i have felt nausea a few times. So now i set a timer on my phone or if im home, i use Alexa.

    • WInston223322

      Been a hell of a good Journey and thanx to all 
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    • Steph1999x

      Post op day 2...so far so good!
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      1. LisaDee1

        What state are you in????

    • Krestel

      Officially no longer over weight! Goal #1 reached! I'm now under 80kgs (176 lbs) at 179cm (5'10") and 10 months post-op and am over the moon. My weight at 79.9 kgs (176 lbs) gives me a BMI of 24.9 which means that I have a normal weight! OMG.
      I still want to lose about 16 lbs more though in order to get safely into the middle range to insure against that little regain that happens. The I have maintenence in front of me as well.
      BUT I have hit my first goal. Yeah me!!!
      · 1 reply
      1. biginjapan

        Fantastic! That's such a great goal to reach and one I hope to get to this year as well.

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