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Personal question.. laxative or dumping syndrome?

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Ahh.. such a fun topic to talk about publicly. So a few days ago I took Miralax and then the following day I took some laxative tablets(both approved by dr) and it wasn’t until yesterday that.. well, they worked. I don’t know if they have a lingering effect? Because just now as I was sipping my Protein Shake I started to feel a little nauseous.. I got up to walk around and thought maybe I just needed to burp.. but then I had to run to the bathroom and well.. you can use your imagination. Now I’ve read all about dumping syndrome but I’m just not quite sure if that’s what happened or it was just still the laxatives working through me. I’ve read it takes about 30 minutes for dumping to happen and I was only halfway through my Protein, I don’t think it was that long. I’m just concerned if it was the shake I was drinking either the protein or the fact that I used milk. Any advice would be wonderful! Thank you everyone, always so helpful!

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Have you had milk before, have you had that shake before?

Potentially it was still the laxatives.

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I know after I took Ducolax pills, got the expected relief, the next day I had very loose stool, pretty full of mucus, almost the same texture I had post-Pancreatitis, and there's A Disease You do not want. It was in 2015 and I still remember It well. I NEVER want it again. I have always been told Kidney Stones are the MOST PAINFUL thing one can have. If Kidney Stones are a 10, pancreatitis is a 9.875, I tear up 💦 at the memory. I believe I would prefer Abdominal Surgery with Novacaine to it any day! I hope my Doctor Needleman doesn't read Bariatric Pal, if he does I'll have another non-sedation, non- anesthesia. Upper Endoscopy like they accidentally did the 26th of last October. If you, like me, have hair in the red/ginger family remind them redheads require more sedation than the average brunette patient. Not something I'm. making up, it is a definate fact , and there are studies to prove it.
Lucky for them I didn't panic, most people might. I just laid there and watched everything, Much Better than You-Tube because this was not prestaged, this was the Real Thing and Totally Cool!

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That sounds like lingering effect of laxatives (and trust me, I know, I used to be addicted to them in my early twenties). Best to up your Water to flush (no pun intended) them out of your system. However if you start experiencing pain that gets worse, contact your surgeon's office. Hope this helps!

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