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HW - 345lbs

Current Weight - 260lbs

Height 6'5"

Age 40

Started off with the Strong Lifts 5x5 and moved over to Madcow 5x5 relatively early as I needed the increased recovery time on my calorie deficit. Currently eating 2000-2500 calories per day with a minimum of 200g of Protein and usually around 100g of CHO. Not sure what my 1RMs are but here are my current working set 1x5 weights.

Bench 250lbs

Squats 270lbs

Deadlifts 365lbs

Overhead press 150lbs

Barbell rows 200lbs

I'm on week 6 of Madcow and so have 6 weeks left. Hoping to end with bench 270lbs, squats 315lbs and DL 405lbs. Not sure how much more I have left for OHP (I'd be happy to hit 160lbs) as it doesn't seem to want to move much...same for BB row and be happy to hit 220lbs.

Also started chinups (currently can do 3x3 with strict form and then move on to some band assisted) and weighted dips (adding 20lbs I can do 4x10).

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I’m always curious about diet for those of you who are lifting heavy? On heavy lifting days my appetite is pretty ravenous and these are the days I’ll push 2500 calories. On lighter days and rest days I’m closer to 2000 calories. My main focus is getting over 200g of Protein and my carbs are relatively low around 100g although I can hit 150g a couple times per week.

I just don’t know if this is optimal? I seem to be still gaining strength week after week so I assume my calorie and protein intake is sufficient. I’ve put on 5lbs in the last 6 weeks which appears to be muscle - waist size is the same and my chest and quads are clearly bigger. Bro science says I should be at 4000 calories if I want to put on mass. Bro science also says it should be impossible for a 6’5” 260lbs guy to put on mass and strength at an average of 2200 calories per day but here I am. Curious what everyone else is doing - especially some of the bigger guys my size?

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