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Relearning how to be full

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I am nearly 4 months post op RNY. The biggest problem I am having is knowing how to tell when I am full. Prior to surgery, i never felt full. I could eat endlessly and still pack more in. Now I will start to eat what seems like a reasonable amount of food - maybe 1/2 cup of whatever. I chew slowly and assess my fullness after each bite. Then BOOM! About 10 minutes after eating, I am ready to vomit, except I can't. I have such bad pain, my mouth is watering with slime and foamies, a cold chill breaks out, the vomit sensation is so strong but it won't happen. (I never could vomit - maybe 10 times in my entire life.) It's just awful. It doesn't happen all the time, and this is what is so confusing. Some days I can eat whatever looks normal, and then other days, I just want to die. The pain and discomfort can last for hours and leaves me sore inside.

My normal weight daughter tells me that I need to stop eating a lot sooner - like eat half of the meal and then literally wait 10 minutes to see if I feel full, rather than trying to tell if I am full while I am still eating. She is probably right, since I never had the sensation of fullness before. The confusing part is that the symptoms are so inconsistent day to day. I'm either feeling empty or in agony.

How are some of you dealing with this? When do you feel full - while you are eating or after? How do you know how much to even put on your plate?

I would love to get my Protein from food sources, but I can't possibly eat 60-70 grams of food protein a day, so I am still relying on protein powder (adding it to anything I can.) Would sure appreciate some feedback on fullness sensations.

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for the first several months, I had to measure everything out and just eat that, because like you, I'd end up getting sick if I didn't. I guess I still rarely feel "full" - and certainly not the same way I felt "full" prior to surgery. I still measure some things, but usually when I start feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable, I stop - because I know if I don't, I'm going to get sick.

you may not be at a point yet where you can get all your Protein requirements from your food, but you will be there eventually. Until then, you'll have to supplement, as you're doing.

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