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Weirdest things you are looking forward to after surgery

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I am soooo looking forward to the following...............

  1. Being able to wear high heels again.
  2. Bending over and not having that extra real estate in the middle
  3. Going up a flight of stairs and not be out of breath
  4. Being able to get around much better
  5. Shopping for a new wardrobe

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I’m looking forward to ( and already have done )
1- wearing the clothing in my closet that I kept because I l promised myself I would fit in it again one day..
2- getting off insulin ( use to take 80 units a day , I’m down to only 10)
3- running a 5k and then maybe even a longer distance
4- more energy for my new born son ( he’s 7 months old and I’m 48 )
5- Having my wife look at me the way she use to when I got out the shower ( she still did , but I was insecure of myself so I never accepted her compliments)

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Great question! :)

Things I am looking forward to:

- Blending in a crowd. (Being a major,major introvert, I HATE being the BIG GIRL standing out all the time.)

- Gardening and breathing, all at the same time.

- Feeling like I have taken back some control over my own body. Making peace with it. Knowing it will always be a work in progress, even a struggle, but something that I CAN now do.

- Being in a position sometime down the road to "pay it forward" by helping someone else dealing with their weight issues.

- Breaking up with my CPAP machine.

- Never having to make a list of joys/goals that is based on how my current weight affects those things I want to do, Ever,ever again. :) LOL!

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Sitting in a booth in a restaurant again

Riding rollercoasters again and not being told I'm too big to ride them

Not having people scoot way out of the way when I'm walking toward them (seriously, I'm not 6 feet wide).

Not constantly wearing cardigans everywhere and at all times during the summer

Not being told by sales associates "we don't carry your size, so don't bother trying anything on" (was told to me at an Anne Taylor)

The biggest real one for me is not passing down bad habits to my daughter.

The second biggest one is staving off hypertension and diabetes which runs in my family.

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1. No longer letting food control my life/my life not revolving around food

2. Getting rid of my big girl clothes

3. Fitting on rollercoasters at the theme park

4. Not needing a seat belt extended on the plane/people not looking at me weirdly

5. More energy to do fun things with my kids

6. The look on the haters faces when I come through

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Things I’ve already been able to do:

1. Completely finish with zero modifications back-to-back Pilates classes.

2. Get back into all of the “skinny” clothes I’ve had in my closet for several years. Started out as a fluffy size 22 and I’m just now wearing the size 16swhich are the smallest I have. Oh yes, and those 16s are starting to get LOOSE on me!

3. Ride as a passenger in my husbands sports car without the seatbelt buckle jamming into one hip and the center console jamming into the other hip. I can also get out of the thing without having to heave myself out of it.

4. Sit comfortably in my Thunder season ticket seat. Before the armrests dug into my hips the entire time and I’d have to slide into the seat sideways and then it was torture to have to move if someone needed done the aisle.

5. Enjoy sex again.

6. Walk upstairs to my bedroom without pain in knees/hips/ankles and feeling like I needed to stop and rest halfway up.

Things I that I still look forward to:

1. Fitting into my “victory outfit”.
This is a size 8 little black cocktail dress that I bought on clearance in 1993 right after I had lost some weight after having my son. It looked sooooo good on me in the dressing room, and I was so proud of myself for ditching the baby weight. . I bought it for a wedding and then I got very ill and didn’t go.
The dress still has the tags on it.

2. Go snorkeling again as an actual normal size person.
Of course this requires actually going on vacation which might not happen this year (broke from all the costs from surgery) but I can’t wait until that day happens.

3. Finish the next level difficulty in Pilates.
I’ve seen the higher level classes and they’re no joke.

4. Once in my life have someone refer to me as “the skinny girl”.

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Relatives will no longer call me " Hefty" or Wide-Load,perhaps They will have to come with something nicer to say, I looked to see on our grocery. list. a couple ideas I have ready to purchase. That's why I still keep my Sparta options open in case town- living gets a bit much...

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To look in the mirror and recognize myself again.
To be able to play with my kids and not be winded or barely able to get up off the floor bc my back, hips, and knees hurt so bad.
To shop for clothes that I like and not just what fits and is comfortable.
To finally dig those tubs of skinny clothes I’ve been hoarding out and try my old jeans and bras on!
To do basic things easier and not get out of breath: clipping my toenails and painting my toes, going up stairs, etc.
To not have to worry about my thighs rubbing together and if I brought anti chafing gel/powder lol.
To have energy to do anything and everything!!

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46 minutes ago, Qbaby08 said:

Fitting into a wedding dress

You go girl!

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-For my bf to hug me and his hands meet.
-to sit comfortably in an airplane seat and put on the seatbelt.
-to go a full work day without pain in my legs and fit my uniform.
-to fit into the seats at university and walk to lectures without getting sweaty.
-to sit on a chair with my hands resting in my lap.
-go hiking and keep up with everyone

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I want dresses that are pretty in color and style. No more dresses that look like I'm wearing the chair's slipcovers. They make too much clothing in liver, nausea green and Baby poo yellow for my taste,, do manufactures actually think we will be so grateful for,clothing to cover our nakednessis that we won't notice or care?👕👗👚📦

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Not feel like everyone is looking how much and what I order bc of my size.
Love that I can control myself when eating now. Easier to make better choices and when I don’t make a good choice not binging on what ever food it is.

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I really liked reading these.

  • Traveling in an airplane - I have avoided it because I have been fearful of the seat belt issue and the tiny seats.
  • This is a mean one, but I want to be smaller than my sister. She is about 150 lbs and she thinks she is better than me and anyone else that is bigger than her.
  • Cuddling with my husband as a small person.
  • Not being a slave to food cravings.
  • No more secret eating because I don't want the average sized people seeing the fat-girl eat.

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      I am sure family has passed it around to other family (you have that type family don't you? or is it just me)  
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      hope everyone is having a great week
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        If people ask, I am open about it

      2. ms.sss

        I'm about 10 months post op, and my standard answer is I eat way less and exercise way more (oh, and I cut the carbs by a lot). The only people I told were Mr., the Kid, BFF and my Mom.

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