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2nd day on pre-op....

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It’s Easter and I’m on my second day of my pre-op liquid diet. It’s not AS hard as I thought it would be. Thank GOD for those non starchy vegetables I get to have though. Makes a big difference being able to “chew” some foods. Plus, they have def filled me up and taken the edge off. I actually went to bed last night feeling stuffed and couldn’t even get my last Protein Drink in. I’m allowed 1-2 cups of steamed or raw veggies a day but I think I definitely exceeded that yesterday. I have my sugar free Jello which helps and I’m drinking a ton of caffeine free tea and crystal light in my Water. The chicken Bone Broth is very filling as well so that’s a bonus too! Plus the Protein Shake 3 times a day. I just wish I knew if I was definitely going to have the surgery on Thursday before the weekend came. It’s going to stink if I did this and I find our insurance denied me. I think If I knew the surgery was definite on the 25th, mentally I would be better with the liquid diet. Hoping I hear something either way tomorrow! Oh..and if anyone has any recommendations on veggies and what/how they cooked them during this, that would be great!

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