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Hey there,
I’m new to this forum. My name’s Alexa and I’m 22 years old. I just had my duodenal switch surgery on March 26th of this year so I’m fresh out of surgery. I’m currently at home but I keep freaking myself out.
Along with the switch, my doctor also fixed a hiatal hernia that I had and removed my gallbladder because it was enflamed and kind of “stuck” to my duodenum (I may be wrong about this part, I was still in a daze when the doctor told me).
While being at home, I’ve noticed that around one of my 6 scars on my mid-right stomach it is very bruised and hurts the most. I also have a large “dent” in that spot now. I’ve been telling myself that it’s just from my gallbladder being removed and I really hope it is just that.
On top of that, I keep involuntarily taking in sharp breaths. I think they’re like hiccups or small yawns but it almost feels like I’m trying to burp but my body doesn’t know how. I’ve also been having a bit of pain when swallowing. These things I’m telling myself are from my hiatal hernia being fixed. I think a nurse also told me that’s what it was as well, but it’s really hard to get down my fluids and medications.
Again, I’m probably just freaking myself out but I’d like some input. Are these things normal? Should I be concerned? Thank you in advance!!

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It’s normal for one of your incisions to be more bruised and look different from the others. It’s where the largest instrument was inserted. It’s where things were removed like your gallbladder and portion of stomach. It should heal up fine. Mine are hardly noticeable and I’m 4 years out.

liquids and getting anything down is going to be difficult for a few weeks. Your new stomach is tiny and inflamed from surgery. Try warm liquids and see if your medication comes in a liquid form.

Hang inthere. It gets better.

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Some of us look like we have been through a bad knife fight , depends largely on your bruiseability. But if you can survive the color changes, you'll come out on top. And the fact you have Mr Achey and Sore means something got fully adjusted internally! See there's always a little joy,if you Look 👀for it!

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My gallbladder was removed too. I had the weird dent looking thing. It went back to normal after a little while (I don't remember how long sorry). Like another poster wrote, having one of the incisions larger than the others is normal. I didn't have any bruising but I don't really bruise anyways. The pain when swallowing is probably from the tube down your throat during the surgery. If you are taking pills for your Vitamins get a pill cutter. It will help tremendously. Hope this helps. You will do great!

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    • BoredCW

      Still stalled. Hating every week of it. 
      I'm in that "I must be doing something wrong, I won't lose any more weight" mode of thinking.
      Hating everything about myself dull drums. If it wasn't for the stress of work, i'd probably be more upset.
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    • Krestel

      Yesterday I discovered stretchy pants. It was the first time that I walked into a normal store and dared to try on clothes in over many many years. Scary, but I found some guy chinos that I liked. I was even able to wear women's sizes even though the legs were wayyyyy too short.
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    • CrowLuv

      Down 31 pounds in my first month! OK, so a month and two days, but I'm counting it anyway. 😆
      At this point, I'm doing well overall. According to surgeons' instructions, I'm on soft foods for another week-ish. I'm so ready for solids - the soft foods can be such "sliders" and I have to be extra, extra careful.
      For example, my refried beans + dollop of plain Greek yogurt + tomatillo salsa verde became a problem. I never felt satisfied and felt I could have easily had a much bigger serving. Then, far worse was when I made homemade hummus - holy cow it is SO GOOD, but again - felt like I could have downed a quart, no problem. 😂
      It's (for me at least) extremely challenging to "eat mindfully" when the food is that soft. I mean for crying out loud, there's nothing to "chew on"! 😂
      So, couple of days ago - I committed to no more refried beans and no more hummus. Farewell my delicious friends. Going to focus on chicken and tuna and eggs for the time being (ground up til mushy, of course). 
      I'm hoping that once I get the go-ahead to introduce solids I will be able to feel the restriction. Because honestly? I'm only a month in, and I feel NO restriction. It's frustrating, but not the end of the world. Willpower was never my problem. But I'm so looking forward to that feeling I hear a lot on here when people say "Oh I ate half an egg and was SO STUFFED." This has....not been my experience. 😕
      Really hoping that's because my foods are so mushy/soft right now. We shall see. 
      Regardless, I'm 100 percent committed. I hear over and over how this tool is the most powerful for about a year, maybe/possibly a wee bit more. I will not sabotage that for the world. 
      So - doing my happy dance at 31 pounds down - I'm in a "weight decade" I haven't seen in a very long time. And it only gets better from here! 
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      1. Bastian

        Fantastic! Well done on the beans and hummus restriction, :D :141_dancer:

      2. ms.sss

        Excellent attitude! I foresee great success in your future :)

      3. CrowLuv

        Thanks y'all, I really appreciate the encouragement! :)

    • veisor  »  Panda333

      Thank you for replying.   It means the world to me.  It also confirmed what I been feeling about which procedure to choose.   I fall into the category as you do and elected the sleeve as it seemed to be less invasive and recovery would be better and faster,  however I am so afraid to regain the weight back since I rarely eat and obesity runs in my family.   I have two siblings that had the bypass and they have been successful.  My sister was in the high 400's and is about 140 now and has been for several years since her procedure.  I guess I felt that the sleeve would allow me to have more control, however I realized that I can't control my genetics and that is one of the biggest reasons that I am here.  Yes, I have not always made the best choices but trust me when I say that I have been on the loss and regain + more rollercoaster weight ride for yrs! I have spent so much money as I am sure you have as well as many others who are going through this.  It is not easy and anyone who thinks this is a copout is crazy!!! This has been harder than anything I have done including hiring a personal trainer to kick my butt in the gym! And still with all the gym hours, clean eating "not to mention the clean eating cost" I knew it was time that I moved to the next step to finally be who I know in my head and heart cause when I see myself in the mirror,  well let's just say is not the girl I see in my mind. 
      So thanks again for your reply and I hope that we can keep in touch through our journey. 
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    • AggiG

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