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I'm really looking for anybody who lives with any kind of condition of the kidneys and if they were able to qualify for RNY BYPASS, I'M getting very close to seeing a surgeon and I really want to know more I don't want to have any issues with qualifying for the RNY.

The main issue with me is I have to take high doses of potassium everyday because my body secretes potassium much more than any normal person because of my kidneys not functioning 100% and I know my meds are sustained release but I have found an alternative of there is any issues with my current medicines.

I got blood results and healthy kidneys have a GFR over 60 mine is at 43 and other levels were high not to mention the presence of type 2 diabetes and hypertension, cholesterol and high triglycerides.

My BMI is 43 and I have my heart set on RNY BYPASS for many reasons.

Thank you

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4 hours ago, Mikeyy said:

kidneys and if they were able to qualify RNY BYPASS


I'm NOT in the medical field, buttttt

my back round - I am in "chronic kidney failure" stage IV highest " been on peritoneal dialysis past 8 months - done at home at night while i sleep (no prob, doesn't hurt and i sleep like normal)

I had my sleeve 7+ years ago. My nephroligist approved the WLS, but at that time things weren't as serious for me. I called my nurse now, told your story. (doc wasn't available) She says "probably" you are at stage III

bariatric surgery has made many surgical improvements - so "maybe" now, things have improved with WLS - you might qualify with ins. Obviously you must talk to you nephrologist" i am blessed"

with diabetes (has improved), and HP is normal after surgery.☺️

Wish you luck with getting through jumping through the hoops

feel free to write me w/any questions

Please contact me with whats going on. What neprologist and WLS dr say. would love to know

curious, but you know what they say about curiosity!!! 😉

good luck


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