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Hi Hi

I had my first follow up from my operation (14th Dec) to where there was a few things that got to me and not sure if these thoughts are normal

I had a fill - 2ml today (so I have a total of 3ml in me now )- the doctor told me that he didn't want to put a fill in as "the results are better long term with less fill" but wondered why he didn't put 1ml in to then try? (yet he is the pro i wasn't going to question)
Is there anything I should be careful with the first fill (or fills ongoing?) I am on liquids for the next 2 days but it is feeling different when I'm drinking (not restricted but more of a heartburn type not sure if that will settle or because i haven't eaten today as the fill was at 10am and it has been 3.5 hours.)

He said that i was losing weight too quickly (is that a thing) and was at 92% of my loss (13.5kg - 30lbs?) and when he said 92% i was thinking - do doctors let you reach the discussed weight (my case being 63-65kg) and adjust to be lower if the results aren't what they seem (or wont let me get lower)? I am worried that the weight from my legs wont be the results that i was wanting at that weight - given heaps of my weight has come from my boobs, waist, face and shoulders etc judging how my things fit me my legs haven't changed.

Do doctors review this once the weight is reached if there are other aspects for taking it lower (Normal range is 50kg-65kg)

Sorry for the rant / confusing state / questions!! Anyone else felt like this???

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Note: just over 24 hours later feeling better with the fill today and spoke to a nurse at the clinic who has said to come in if still wondering if the fill amount is a concern. But that being the first fill it will feel tighter but if I'm not having trouble drinking / eating liquids (which today hasn't been the case) then that it's the right path to move forward with the diet stages.

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