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Hacking hunger for your individual body is so hard. So many variables depending on the degree of broken-ness, mental/emotional health, medications, food preferences, and a lifetime of behavioral/social cues! And that's just to name a few!

You are doing what we all tell each other not to do post op. You are "chasing the full feeling" and quite frankly, that type of behavior is one of the things that could land you right back at the Obesity Ball down the road. The full feeling as many have said has changed for us forevs. And plus, right now, your nerves have been short circuited due to surgery and aren't accessing the brain anymore. In time, they do reconnect!

I'm reminded each time I see my doc and RD that I should ONLY be eating serving-size appropriate for my time frame. And there should ideally be "no moving on" from my 1cup total per meal whether I am 10months out or 10 years out. That will keep my new anatomy functioning the best. And it's up to us to figure out how to use our 1cup volume budget per meal! Some can get away with super dense, calorie laden, rich dishes and only eat a few bites. Others would eat that look around and would stab a bi*ch for more. *raises hand*. The best way for me is to use that 1cup real estate and fill it with 2-3oz of very dense/dry-ish Protein + 1-2oz of al dente veg. The end. End of meal. Others are different.

Head hunger is HUGE! At least for me. And sadly, I can eat the crap outta "bad" Fatty McFatterson comfort foods--just as if I had no surgery! I could eat a whole bag of Lay's, cheese Its, Chips/Salsa/Queso, a can of Pringles. I'd feel bad from the extra fat and have to sleep it off...but guess what? It goes DOWN without restriction. And no amount of surgery is gonna alter your head hunger, binging ways. That takes heavy lifting and full work on behaviors and getting to the root of the problem. (I'm still such a work in progress, as are we all!)

For the most part, in the early days (and even later), you eat to a schedule and you keep your set amount and you follow your rules and drink plenty of liquids/water, and it won't bother you that you are only "no longer hungry" rather than feeling full. Once you progress your plan, you will hopefully feel some sense of completion and satisfaction!

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Very good feedback from everyone so far. I appreciate and thank you!

For some cases, I'd like to clarify that I think there's a difference to feeling full or feeling satisfied. For me, feeling satisfied is "I don't really want more food". For example, I don't have a huge sweet tooth, so, before surgery, I could take one or two bites out of a brownie with fudge and nuts and be satisfied and leave most of it uneaten. I also loathe smoothies. So, I could make a smoothie (also before surgery), drink it, feel a full stomach and not be satisfied.

I do understand the challenge of the mental issues. I don't think I've ever not been aware that I'm a food addict. And food is my comforting mother. Yes, this brokenness needs to change to make this process successful and lasting.

Someone wondered about why would anyone say anything bad about head hunger. I'm only a few weeks post-op, not even eating soft foods yet, but I'll give it a shot to explain what that could be about: maybe the hunger --or the empty in the belly feeling-- comes from emotional issues, not actual biological hunger. But, the thing is, we don't EXPERIENCE it that way. It feels real, it feels like hunger. So we're still walking around feeling hungry. And that's the tough part. Many years ago I was chatting with a doctor (just an acquaintance) and he said something similar about hypochondriacs. They get dismissed and like their ailments aren't real. But the problem is that they FEEL real to them. To them.. their head DOES hurt, or whatever. Just saying this for some of us to gain empathy. This journey is brutal. At least for me. And I've barely begun. But I am thrilled for those who have been able to successfully get on the track and choo-choo all the way to their goals. Yay!!!

My shitty insurance didn't cover my surgery (ouch!) so I had to self-pay. And I've been through enough that I feel I have no way forward but through this. That doesn't mean I'm not gonna whine about it. ;)

Thanks guys! I'm sure I'll have another question or complaint in a day. :D

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I am nearly 3 weeks out and still drinking plenty of Protein Shakes 2-2.5 a day to make sure I get in 70g of Protein in. They give me half my liquid and I use Powerade zero and other drinks to get in another 30+oz.. protein from food is tougher to get in ..

no real hunger and it’s wonderful to not have to focus on feeding time ..

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        Congratulations to her Proud Granny, and wishing her a bright and successful future.

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      Went to my initial consult with the Bariatric surgeon/ program I chose. Came home with a folder full of information & helpful organization of all the testing that needs to be completed while I complete the required nutritional counseling. She also let me know my insurance typically takes 6 weeks to reply with authorization when submitted, so that puts my potential surgery date near the new year if all stays on track  I felt comfortable with her, in our discussions she agrees that I am a good candidate for the Gastric Bypass. I appreciated the 'introduction' class that was given after the consult with the surgeon where I was given this binder of every referral (from her, not my pcp referrals), & contact information for all the testing needed to make my contacts/calls tomorrow morning even easier I start my nutrition classes on June 5th, so that's when the clock will start toward insurance approval & getting the tool to help me reach my goals
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      I had my Bypass Surgery on 04/25/2019 I'd weighted before surgery 308 and now 285. I get depressed because I thought it would be more. I follow all instructions from Dr.. Green walk every day work out and eating solid foods 
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      1. ProudGrammy

        welcome welcome - 23 lbs pre/post op is great. you are doing fine. keep up the good work. kathy

    • MrsGamgee

      Day 5 post-op... didn't sleep great last night, lots of gas pain and it was my first night without using the rx pain meds. I'm tired and feeling rather stupid. My nurse is supposed to call today for a check in, so I'm debating taking a nap now and risk missing her call, or forcing myself to stay awake and pray she calls soon. Also, showering should be considered a workout... just doing the basics used up all my energy. Weight is slowly working its way down. I know that I shouldn't be on the scale yet, but I couldn't resist. I'm down almost 9lb down since surgery. Yay!
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      1. Emilia Danciu

        You are allowed to feel tired, take naps and only do the minimum this soon after the surgery. Listen to your body and be good to yourself at this time. Most important things to care about at this time is hydration and protein. It is a full-time job to stay on top of that and prioritize your energy there for now. Just give your body the time to heal and adjust, don’t rush the recovery.

    • jrmolina2006

      seems like the biggest issue right now is consistency in my bowel movement, what are yall using. I've tried probiotics but no luck,
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      1. domi

        I use benefiber everyday in my water. it is flavorless. On days when I get a little backed up I use Miralax. It works great without any cramping.

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