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Ohhhh... now I have so many questions

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I took two full weeks off. Five months later and I still need naps. Everyone is different.

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8 hours ago, Myhorseisfattoo said:

I am taking 2 weeks. Even if I don't NEED it, I deserve some peace and quiet. And it's right over Christmas so it works out well! I have heard of many who feel 1 week is enough and a few who have gone back as soon as you want to and were just fine.

I am also taking 2 weeks, even if I don't need it. Super lucky that my surgery is the 17th right before Christmas. Looking forward to resting... My parents are coming for the holiday and staying with me for 3 weeks, they arrive the day after surgery. That will be interesting... on second thought maybe I will go back before 2 weeks!

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9 hours ago, Excited for a new me said:

I have a desk job, my surgery is scheduled for a Wednesday, do you think I will be able to return to work on Monday?

How long before you were able to drive?

Don't risk it.

Take as much time off as you can. Could you physically be there sure, maybe.

But what if you have non stop vomiting or diarrhea? Having a desk job won't help much.

Or you may be fine initially then boom stricture on day 12 and back in the hospital you go for dehydration because you were busy working instead of hydrating.


Why set yourself up for added stress like that? Sounds like a plan that can quickly spiral out of control. If timing is the issue try to wait until it works.

Safe Journey 🎈

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