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Is losing 50% of excess weight the standard?

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10 minutes ago, MarinaGirl said:

This post doesn’t ring entirely true for me as you just joined, haven’t posted before, haven’t read the entire thread, and so it comes across as fear mongering (about GB). Instead of hijacking someone else’s post, can you please start your own and include any questions you may have?


Me too!!!

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I found this interesting, remember people are different this is just an average image-0.0110864639282227.thumb.jpg.fc58dde9a1a0513a365255b3ce0ea557.jpg
Thanks, lunnah. That seems like a fairly moderate rate of loss.

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On 10/30/2018 at 4:11 AM, RHCD said:

I routinely saw and heard the same stat. Which is weird as at 6 months I’m below that stat. Still loosing slowly (it’s like someone put the breaks on) but now the hard part is starting for me where it’s not just coming off. I have to make (or get really close) my Protein, fluids and exercise goals to see the scale move. I can see the scale not move because I choose to have tortilla chips with dinner. Or I sat on my butt instead of walking (stupid video games). Or I drank fluids too close to eating and then ate more than I should.. Or I didn’t drink enough Water for the day. Or is it that time of the month where I’m going to stall no matter but once I’m done the scale drops...

I have to be honest with myself on my decisions. Six months ago when they asked me my goals I said under 200? Maybe 185? Under 170 seems crazy. And I’m knocking on 200, down a 100 and feel fabulous. If I stopped here or came back here I think I’d be okay. However I’m 1% away from dropping from obese to overweight and boy do I want that. I almost can wear all non plus clothing and it’s driving me mad that I’m so close.

So I go on my long walks and use the recumbent, I drink more Water and tea, I really focus on Protein and limit my non fruit/veggie carbs. Am I perfect? So very much not nor am I trying to be.

Are you my American twin? look at our stats, they are very similar!

I had my surgery three weeks after you but you are 30lbs lighter than me, congrats :)

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