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4 weeks postpartum almost 3 years post sleeve

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I had a sleeve in 2016 and lost all my extra weight At my lowest I was 109 and felt great. For the first time I was happy with my life. Then oops got pregnant. I had pcos and was on the pill but none of that mattered. Anyway so gained 54 lbs while pregnant. Delivered at 178 a week later was at 164.4 and stayed there until today. Today 4 weeks postpartum on Thursday the scale read 169.5... why is the scale going up. I should add I'm not breastfeeding. Being careful but ready to start a liquid diet at this point. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to give myself 6 weeks before jumping on the scale. But can weight fluctuate up and down after having a baby due to Water? I have a hard time ever believe the gain is water. Probably because I used to be heavy and I'm scared. Please give me advice

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I am 8 months postpartum and gained 30 pounds during my pregnancy. I am still holding on to 15 to 20 pounds of it even now. I started back running at 6 weeks. I reduced my calories to fewer than I was eating before I got pregnant. By 9 weeks out I was back to running 7 days a week, lifting weights 2 days a week, and zumba one day a week. I've been to my surgeon, OB, and nutritionist. My hormone levels seem to be OK (I also have PCOS) but having issues with cycles. I was on birth control for most of the time after my surgery, but didn't after baby. My surgeon is happy because I am still below goal weight, but a lot of my clothes don't fit. Give yourself some time. My OB says that it can take a year or so for everything to get back to normal. My nutritionist told me to be consistent. I would range from eating about 1800 calories a day (what I was eating before pregnancy) to only eating about 800 every couple of weeks. Apparently, the body does not like that. I am eating about 1400 a day now. I haven't been really consistent because I have had some issues with my neck. I am hopefully back at it now.

Be patient with yourself. You will get back. I am fighting my age (I am 41) so that doesn't help my situation. We are trying for baby #3 right now but if and when that happens I am going back on birth control for at least 6 months.

Good luck! You got this!

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    • Jen M

      2019 - A New Year and a New Start on life!!!!
      On 3/14 - I went into the Hospital at 6am to have my surgery <the sleeve>.   My weigh at that time was 278 pounds.   On this day I was in and out of it I don't remember a whole lot I just remember being in a lot of pain.
      On 3/15 - They made me get up and walk a few times in the middle of the night and walk doctor came in and I was able to be discharged if I was eating and doing everything on his little checklist.   I went home at 6pm.  All I remember was going home crawling into bed and taking more pain medicine it felt like I got hit in the stomach about 50 times.
      On 3/16 - I know they say that walking is the best thing you can do after having surgeries but I was not feeling it at all every time I sat up, I got dizzy needless to say this day I didn't get much walking in and the smell of food just made me gag.  I couldn't even take the pain medicine that was in liquid form.  I stayed in bed for most of the day.
      On 3/17 - I did a lot better on this day I was actually able to eat a little bit of Jell-O and drink a little bit of broth.    Still can't seem to take that pain medicine without wanting to gag.   I definitely have been able to keep down water and even had my nephew take a little bit of Crystal Light and some ice chips and mix it in a bullet to make like a slushie.  That was yummy!
      This brings me to today 3/18 - I have been trying to drink protein water to get protein in my body. I was able to eat some Jell-O today and keep it down. I also was able to sit up for 5 hours and was able to be sociable again.  I was also finally able to take some pain medicine again without gagging <Thank God>.     Pain is slowly going away.   I have my first one week doctor visit on 3/20 so we will see how that goes
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    • MG1776

      I'm a finisher of a half marathon! Completed yesterday on a beautiful day to run. My hips and Knee are pretty angry with me today, but we finished at 2:19. Not bad for my first half. I was able to run with my wife, so that made it much nicer and easier to get through
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    • The 56 Bypass

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    • cristobal

      I've been approved! Surgery March 28 2019.
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    • ms.sss

      Tonight, I swallowed my semi-horse-pill-sized multi-vitamin without wanting to hurl!
      So long, expensive chewable multi-vitamin, from now I can buy the cheaper, tablet vites at Costco.
      Next: try to swallow the actual horse-pill-sized calcium pills without wanting to hurl....
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