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On 11/7/2018 at 9:37 AM, proudgrammy said:


i had a neck/face lift two years ago.

i'm very pleased/happy with my neck. Not so happy about my face.☹️

left side is nice and firm/toned - right side has excess skin, not firm/toned

doc said i look eight years younger - that response to me is terrible

couldn't even say 10 yrs younger because he knew it wasn't true - thus saying

eight years he felt "safer" anyway you look at it, i don't think facelift was successful

i still feel/look as cute as a button!!😉


You are as cute as a button. The neck is the age definer on women. That's the thing that kills us!

I think you look great but it's about what makes you happy.

My face has softened up some because of weight loss and will continue to soften up as the swelling goes down. We've already identified areas that need tweaking. However, I choose not to. This is fine. It was about all of the extra skin on my neck in the beginning. Tat is gone!!!! It evolved into a bit more than I'd initially thought about. To me, everything above the neck was just icing on the cake! I just wanted to look good for my age. I got the bonus of looking a few years younger. This won't last forever. In another decade, I'll be at the "good" end of looking exactly my age, I suspect. That will be just fine.

We all have to look at ourselves every day. We don't do this for the world, we do it for us.

What can you live with? What can't you? Right? :)

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Oh Goody, I am old but since weight losing it is looking GOOD, IDK why this is, but I shall accept it for all it is worth!

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I think you look fabulous. I'm going to be blunt and ask about cost. How much did the blerpharoplasy and lift cost?

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I don’t know why I can’t see my answer to your question about cost but I’ll answer again.

With the lower blepharoplasty the total was somewhere between $17k. My memory is fuzzy. I seem to recall I could have gotten away with $15k for just neck/face lift or paid $19 for lift with upper and lower blepharoplasty.

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