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Tooth sensitivity after VSG?

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So, anyone have tooth sensitivity after sleeve? I've read about dental issues with bypass, but I can't find anything about issues with sleeve. I'm one month post-op, and I would say that it started about two weeks ago. I'm on full liquids and go to the puree stage next week. I thought maybe it was the crystal light I was drinking (too acidic) so I stopped that. It's just with really hot or really cold beverages. I've only had one cavity in my entire life, so the idea of all of my teeth going to he** scares me to death.

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My last two check ups were perfect. No cavities. Healthy teeth:) This is super important to me because I have a long history of dental problems. Soft teeth...lots of crown and even one dental implant due to some bad falls off horses in my youth. I value my teeth and was concerned, too. But so far, so good. My dentist says everything looks perfect.

It's extremely important to go in for your routine dental exams while going through the process to get on top of any problems before they get too severe.

There are folks who have dental issues that are made worse by the process. My dentist and surgeon strongly recommended resolving any and all dental issues before bariatric surgery. If you start with a healthy mouth...chances are good it will stay that way with routine preventative care:)

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I saw my dentist one month before having surgery. Clean bill of health at that time, which is why I'm a little worried. I go in every six months for cleanings and such. I think I'll make an appointment just to have them take a look.

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      New here just looking around. Hopefully if I have any questions this will be a good place to come for answers. I finally was able to get in to see a doctor about having a surgery and everything has been set up to get the ball rolling. Lord willing it will be able to happen in 2021. I spent to many years denying I needed help and I've just yoyoed every year, I want to be around for my daughters.
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      I am new today! My consultation wasd July 7th and I am already getting my pre-op appointments done. I started them and things are moving fast. 
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      1. Michrigio's Mama

        Good luck!!

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