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Scheduled for Lap Band - Success vs Regret?

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Thanks @Jendkopp. I appreciate you sharing your story with me.

I know the band is just a tool. It is NOT a miracle. You still need to eat right (healthy choices, portion control) and exercise.

I guess no weight loss surgery is fool proof. I heard good and bad things about all the options.


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i was in no way implying there would be bad food choices. the problem with the band is that it is sometimes difficult to eat the "good" foods b/c the bands may not allow you to eat them - certain good for you foods just get stuck and you have to eliminate them. others want restriction, but if you can feel tightness, you have too much. i think the band is highly misunderstood, which leads to so many complications. i am a highly compliant patient and still have had some major complications. i hope it works for you. i just believe in putting both the good and bad out there so you can make an informed decision :)

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I appreciate that @Jendkopp.

I had the Roux-En-Y, so I can relate to stuff feeling "stuck". Heck, I used to throw up so much in the beginning I had to keep bags in my car just in case.

I know what you mean about good and bad foods. Its weird how post-surgery (Roux-En-Y) I could eat some things with no problem and other things I had an issue with, even going 100% along with what my doctor told me.

I know I have to rethink that way I see food, and I know it's going to be a learning process. I think I'm up for the challenge. I did it before with the Roux-En-Y and I was successful in keeping a lot of weight off for a long time. I'm sure I can do it again. :-)

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    • MN_Meg770

      Well, as of today I am 3.5 weeks out from my gastric bypass surgery. I have had a few high points, but also some lows.  Lowest moments lately are watching people that can have Starbucks Frappaucinos with no issues, and driving by the MN State Fair. The State Fair was always my annual feed fest - tons of eating some of the best tasting items ever! I am skipping this year and it hurts. I am trying to work through my giving up eating the way I used to and I have moments that I question why I did this in the first place. My moods are all over the place and I am trying to find other things that make me happy.  
      I had hit a weight loss stall, but I just went to pureed food on Monday and suddenly I lost another 4 pounds, so that is good. I've only had one time I almost got sick and that was because I ate too much, too fast.  I am praying I don't have any other problems as I add more foods.  I am scheduled to move to solid food on August 27th.
      That's all for now... Megan
      · 1 reply
      1. Orchids&Dragons

        I think most of us have the same grieving feelings that you're having. Even if we normally ate pretty well, there were occasions that we just loved a good pig-out. It's just not the same as saying we can still have small portions of those foods. Sometimes we just want EXCESS! State Fair is an excellent example.

        Maybe try to find related things to celebrate. Like next year, you'll be able to go to the state fair, walk around all day without hurting and ride any ride you want without worrying if you'll fit! You won't have to worry about how strong the folding chairs are at the shows. You may even run into an old friend who will be flabbergasted at how amazing you look ;)

    • AshMarie794

      I AM APPROVED!!!!!!!
      S$%* JUST GOT REAL!!
      · 4 replies
      1. GreenTealael


      2. Chrisb428


      3. pugmom234


      4. AshMarie794

        Thanks everyone. Now I am really getting nervous.

    • LeiaStone

      The mood swings are strong today. 
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      1. This update has no replies.
    • GreenTealael  »  Naughty Glitter Goddess

      !!!!!Speedy the recovery!!!!!
      · 3 replies
      1. Naughty Glitter Goddess

        Thank you!

      2. GreenTealael

        How are you feeling, did they treat you right?

      3. Naughty Glitter Goddess

        Yep, hooked me up with the drugs. Im feeling better than i expected. Thanks for checking in.

    • Naughty Glitter Goddess

      Just got the call, surgery tomorrow, 7:30am; hospital at 5:30!!!
      · 1 reply
      1. GreenTealael


        Party the night away

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