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I just need to vent...

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On 07/12/2018 at 06:09, Frustr8 said:

And Lilo1 my darling child in Baiatrics, you are running your own race, not that of your sister or your Daddy, sure you will have your sucky moments, remember Bariatric Weight loss isn't like a rocket ship, more like a old jalopy, stopping, starting, occasional bursts of speed, but like the jalopy it is, if you keep control of your steering wheel, keep on the narrow freeway of weight control you will finally reach the goal line.

As for your other problem, as your body uses your fat as fuel, all kinds of fat solvable hormones get released into your bloodstream and your moods get erratic. Let me quote what a wiser lady veteran told me. Its like puberty but you don't get zits, like pregnancy but you don't get a cute baby out of it and menopause with its temprature and mood variances and lucky,lucky you, they happen all at once! And a spot of depression is not possible but probable, it is bewildering to have a new body and sometimes it is hard to take it all in. Sorrow only is here for a short while but joy, weight loss, and better health can last forever if you only,let it be. 💦😛🌈
Thank you for the advice and support! Much appreciated!!

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