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Did water slides yesterday!

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Relatives still visiting. Little niecey wanted to go to a Water park yesterday, and it was the first time in years I didn't dread sitting around in my swimsuit all day with everyone:) Found a very cute suit with sort of a hybrid swim skirt boy trunks kinda bottom and a very flattering swim tank top. Super comfortable, and damn if I don't look pretty spiffy! Hubby kept grinning at me and checking me out. Doofus. LOL. It was nice:)

Niecey drug us all down the water slides. OMG, so much fun! It's been a long time since I tried it, and it was just so joyful. Hubby got a huge kick out of doing the slides with me and the kiddo ran me up the slide so many times I must have gotten 60 stair cases in...if only my Fitbit were waterproof! (feeling it a little today!)

Afterward, we went to an alligator sanctuary because my weird biologist daughter wanted to hold an alligator:) Was actually pretty interesting. Who knew alligators could be trained to come to their names? I was very surprised by the vocabulary some of them had developed for commands!

Life is good. My favorite thing about the weight loss...is the reduction of stress. No more concerns about my back hurting and finding a place to sit down. No more concerns about having to push to keep up with my athletic crazy family or the EverReady Rabbit niecey. No more concerns about stairs or weight limits or walking distance. Just makes life so much more enjoyable:)

I like being up for an adventure:) It's about damned time.

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This is a wonderful thing to Celebrate. What an inspiration for me. Congrats.

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How FUN!!! I love the fact I can walk into a room and not look around for a chair that will hold me or that I will fit in. Yes, the Water slides were fun. Now I need a roller coaster or 2!

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I honestly just read this post because it was written by you Creekimp. You are always so kind and considerate. You always take the time to answer practically every post out there even if it isn’t exactly your particular procedure. You find time for everyone on this forum so I wanted to take tome to hear you out. Well......that was such a sweet and inspiring story. Good for you! It’s karma baby! You’ve helped so many God is smiling down saying, “I think it’s her turn now.”

So happy for you. Just think that this is just the beginning of the summer. You’ve got a good two to two and a half months more to go! Enjoy your new life of health, self confidence, and sexy. (You know that’s why your husband couldn’t take his eyes off you!!😜😜)

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    • GreenTealael

      Starting to see a rise in trolling of the site, anyone can make a profile and antagonize the good people here, sad. Time for a break...
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    • AshAsh1

      Just wanted to give an update. I've been really busy lately with work and my husband had recent surgery. I was off work last week and taking care of him, amongst a nice visit from my mom.
      I'm getting super close to Onderland! I keep teetering around 201-203lbs. Its been this way for the last two weeks.
      I went shopping this past weekend for fall/winter clothes. I am officially no longer a plus size woman. I wear dresses every day, so it's crazy to say, but I hadn't bought any pants since I was a size 20. I only replaced my pants once from a 26ish to a 20 and then I just bought size 12/14 jeans this weekend  And I'm wearing a large in tops (previously a 4X) . It was such a surreal experience going in and being able to shop in this HUGE section of the store. Although, I'm learning, no matter what your size, clothes are still hard to shop for. I thought size would open all these wondrous opportunities, not so much LOL.
      Basically, I'm keeping busy and keeping my mind healthy. A part of that is I'm not hyper focused on the scale. I get more comfort from the NSV anyways.
       I hope to be online more this week  
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      1. macadamia

        I'm glad everything is going well on your end. Family first, always and of course, but we do miss your presence here. Congrats on your clothes shopping! I recommend to not go overboard, since you are still losing and will probably be much smaller by the time it gets really cold.

        Way to go!

      2. AshAsh1

        @macadamia thank you :) I am being careful not to buy too much, but my weight loss has slowed substantially. I'm not losing 10lbs-15lbs a month like I previously was. I'm lucky to get off 5lbs a month now. Not to say that I wouldn't lose a size after a couple months, but it's not as rapid. Plus I buy all my clothes from Marshalls and TJMaxx (who's return policy is practically forever), so if they don't fit when it gets time to wear them... then I'll return them for store credit to buy new stuff.

      3. macadamia

        Always thinking ahead - awesome!

      4. MissLindseyR

        This is awesome!! So excited for you!!

      5. Orchids&Dragons

        Let us know when you hit One-derland!

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    • SleeveinIL

      Stall is finally broken and I am losing again. Stalls suck but I understand them much better now. I am still feeling great and have kicked my workouts up a notch. I went to an arm/abs class that turned out to be all men and "me".  The dudes walked in with their 30 lb hand weights and I have my little 7.5/10 lbs and I was thinking to myself...what did I get myself into, and am I going to embarrass myself?  Well I decided to stick it out and although I couldn't do everything the dudes were doing, I did a pretty darn good job of keeping up and I am proud of myself for being able to stick with it. I decided I am going back again tomorrow and I am going to kill it again. I belong there too! 
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      1. Orchids&Dragons

        Good for you! I'm still on 3lb weights :( But, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I'm glad you're feeling so well and able to work out so much! I'm sure that's really taking the inches off!

    • Kaseyn2boys

      The whole time I kept having a nightmare I wouldn't lose weight after all this. How horrifying to have it come true. I had surgery on the 8th. I haven't lost anything since. i drink my water, my protein shakes, I walk, but nothing. How could this be happening. Am I just doomed to be overweight forever? I am beyond devastated. Maybe something changes in the next couple months, but I am no longer hopeful.
      · 1 reply
      1. Orchids&Dragons

        Calm down. You're still very swollen. Many doctors advise against weighing the first month because it can be very disheartening. Everyone heals at different rates. Just keep with your plan and you'll be ok. I promise, the scale will move soon - and BIG! It can take a full month for all the abdominal swelling to go down.

    • Judy17  »  kkinner

      I get my sleeve Wednesday and I’m so excited 😆 
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      1. Orchids&Dragons

        Good luck! Hope all goes smoothly!

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