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On 6/1/2018 at 10:28 PM, ashleyrocx88 said:

Thank you! It’s so hard with kids I hate not letting them have stuff but at this point everyone eating healthy is what it is going to have to be!

So many times I read about parents who feel bad for throwing away sugary snacks...and depriving their kids of "fun childhood treats"

But folks...here's a wake up call....Our kids share our genetics. They will likely struggle just like we do someday.

The kindest thing...the best thing we can do for their future health and happiness...is model good eating habits and make our homes the basis of good nutrition and good eating habits.

Our kids are still gonna get treats. They're everywhere. But learning to eat them only on special occasions out of the house is not a bad thing.

Sugar and fat are not love. They are not fun. They are not childhood. They don't have to be.

Not being the food police over here...of course kids are gonna have an ice cream here and there, or a marshmellow or some candy, or a McDonalds, or a birthday cake......once in a while, that's fine. But it doesn't need to be in your house regularly.

Make good nutrition your home culture. Learn to cook healthy together. Learn to make healthy Snacks. That's a gift.

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I wish my parents felt that way about sugar and similar. They,did feel that way about literature, never had comic books, I guess the political-correct term these days is "graphic novelettes". Goody goody that I love and enjoy fine literature but I'm still FAT! But. with the help of Medical Advances,an excellent surgeon in. Center of Excellence Bariatric Hospital, my body will be tuned up, my tool implemented and a Rebirtday will happen in July. And with hard work, a better diet I'm place, this fat shell will shatter and the real Frustr8 will emerge. Gosh,i am excited by the prospect of it all. My time to shine is coming,may not be completed until 2019 but I have the urge to make strides before then!😝🚩😝

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It’s actually been super easy with my kids over the last few weeks I’m so glad this change has been good for all of us! Thankfully I have a handle on this before my kids get older and end up in the situation I am, I never want them to have to go though what I am! They love healthy eating and are actually sleeping better. So awesome! Thanks all again for all the support and motivation!

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