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Slipped Band - Post Surgery Restriction Issues

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Hi all,

After 2 years of having my lap band and having lost nearly 80kgs I had a horrid slip.

I had revision surgery on 07.05.18 and they repositioned by lap band and replaced my port.

I suffered a terrible bowel infection post surgery so I couldn't eat anything for 2 weeks postop anyway.

On Tuesday (29.05.18) I had my first postop fill, my surgeon put 4ml in.

Pre-slip I sat with 4.7ml and this was my green zone.

Now, even with 4ml in off the bat I have restriction at all.

I wanted to know if anyone else has had a slip revision and this has changed the amount of a fill they require to get adequate restriction?

My surgeon said the word 'leak' during my fill because there was so much air in my band. I have had the worst 6 months with the health of my whole body and cannot handle having to go in for surgery again.

Please share if you have gone through this!!


Jenna :-)

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Honestly I'm surprised they even bothered to continue using the band, given that several major manufactures have stopped making parts and one company actually sold off their whole Lap Band section of the company. You'd think that if they were going to open you up, that they would have provided you with a better option than adjusting/fixing a product that no one is really even using anymore due to issues and complications that have caused the whole Lap Band industry to give up.

Any adjustment to the band position is going to drastically change how it works, so it's wholly possible that the adjusted angle means it's going to take more Fluid to reach some level of restriction, as far as air in the band... why didn't they burp it when they had the chance to do so?

I'd be questioning everything the surgeon has said and done at this point personally, This is only my point of view, having been banded back in 2011 myself and all the issues I faced with the band and my conversations with my surgeon about the band, which lead to me being revised to Bypass this past March.

Sorry I don't have more specific answers to your questions, Good luck with your continued journey!

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