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HELP . Refill after 5 months no restrictions

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On 5/31/2018 at 10:33 PM, lilbrigy03 said:

I can't view any replies : (

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Looks like you haven't gotten any actually. This is a tough spot, been there a few times personally. Track your intake, try to get 80 grams of Protein a day if possible, and get as much Water as you can, wait 30 mins after before and after eating to drink. There is going to be a lot of hunger you are going to have to try your best to ignore sadly.

Hopefully things get better soon!

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Oh.... yogurt, refried Beans with melted cheese,eggs, perhaps a softened string cheese, cottage cheese. Protein Drinks.

those worked for me. I happen to like BAKED tofu not white or jiggly

later maybe deviled eggs and shredded chicken thighs.
Whoopee. You got a fill... I had a difficult time after 11 years when I was unfilled!!!
Fills truly helped. Good luck

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