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Hello from overseas

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Hello, i am Annette Flora , 50, from the Netherlands..

i had surgery 4/17/2018.
I am glad to find a MGBforum

With the 10day preopdiet i lost 15,43 pounds and the month post-op only 11,68
I am now 268,96 pounds and at a stall.

HELP😕 i know it is common . I give others advice to be patient, but for my self i am insecure.

Can you tell me how much Protein or calories do you eat one month post op? Maybe even see your menu’s?
And were you allowed to excercise a little again?


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Welcome, I had gastric bypass surgery whereas you had Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) surgery so any advise may be a little different.

Since you are 1 month post-op, exercise is important. You should be exercising every day about 30 minutes. Walking is very good exercise.

You should be consuming around 75 to 90 grams of Protein each day. Meals should always focus on protein first. If you are unable to meet this daily protein requirement, you need to incorporate Protein Shakes into your diet.

Also there is a daily Fluid requirement of 64-80 ounces of fluids per day. The fluid requirement is met by a combination. It is not only the Water that you drink each day. But also the water you drink when you take your Vitamins and medicine. It is the milk you drink. It is the fluids content of the protein shakes. It is the water component of the Soups you take. It is met by flavored water such as Crystal Light. It is met by sugar free popsicles. It is met by tea and Decaf coffee. It is a combination of all the fluids that you consume during the day

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Thanx, i have to watch my Protein and Fluid intake.. i tried yoghurts and drinks with extra protein, but i feel nauseous after it.. i have to try the shakes.< br /> I cant walk, but i practise on a stationairy handbike.. i shall ask if i allready may use the rowing machine. From which week is fitness at your place allowed?

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