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I was peacefully re'setting up My Fitness Pal this AM when my son brought in our mail.
Those of you who have been following my progress toward my RnY surgery know my path has had ups and downs, twists and hairpin turns like an amusement park roller coaster. The mail contained a bill from the psychological center I had,an evaluation at last December. Yes the self-same one that stabbed me in the back. I went there, they were an independent consulting place not part of former hospital and its bariatric center. Went in there, cheerfully naive about those people. Mamma always taught me that if you were nice to people, they are always nice back. I asked my son, of adult age, to accompany me. Since the deaths of his brother in 2008 and his father in 2012 we routinely attend each other's appointments.
Also, I had never been to this place before, I may not show it on Bariatric Pal, but in real life I am rather shy. So you could also call my son my "security blanket."
Completed partially on tablet, partially verbally 300+ questions, varying from " have you ever hurt an animal?" through " did you hate your parents & which one more" to "have you always had a satisfying sex life?"
Yeah things I could see no relationship to bariatric surgery, but I still answered all of them to the best of my ability and factually.
At the end of this session, the female psychologist shook my hand, told me everything was perfect, I had passed all facets properally, shook my hand and wished me Well with my future. Surgery. My son remembers everything as I do. Even remarked after we,left Mom, you did great! Aren't you glad that's over?"
So I continued with the rest of my prerequirements, finished them the 16th of January and waited to be notified of my surgery date. I was notified on February 20th I had not passed this psych eval., she stated I was psychologically and emotionally unstable and lacked the mental capabilities to understand bariatric surgery. So this surgeon and his 2 partners declined to perform surgery based on this.
Today I received a bill from these people. after insurance they feel I should send them cash money. Why should I pay this group of 2 faced double dealers a penny of my Social Security? They have been paid already by insurance, had I been as sneaky as them I would have instucted insurance not to.
It is a smallish amount of money but it is the principle of the thing! What do YOU think?

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Don’t pay.

They have broken HUGE ethical rules - they are not allowed to lie to you. And even worse given they reported you are both bonkers and thick. Their job if they thought you were emotionally unstable would have been to see if you needed support (probably in words of one syllable because ‘support’ is a tough concept for a moron who is so stupid she can’t understand bariatric surgery).

Struth, this makes my blood boil. (I have a PhD in Psychology - I no longer work in the field, but used to. They have behaved disgracefully.)

By the way, given your low IQ, I was wondering who is the bright person you ask to write your quick witted, wise and warm posts for you?? 🤣😂

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Mayhaps we had a creative writing seminar at the sheltered workshop I was at?😱

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