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ERCP Procedure RNY patient

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Question. Have any RNY patients had any complications with their sphincter of Oddi? And if so have you undergone an ERCP for diagnosing and treating this? I’ve been having ongoing bouts of intense right upper quadrant abdominal pain that can at times be extremely debilitating, as well as some abnormal LFTs, I’m scheduled for the procedure in about two weeks. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this. Also were you able to have it done endoscopic or did you have to have it done laparoscopic? My doctor is going to try endoscopic although it may have to convert to laparoscopic. Did this procedure/treatment work for your symptoms? I did have my gallbladder out about a year before my RNY surgery. I’m nervous to have another surgical procedure, especially with so many unknowns about it. I understand that it is a very individualized procedure and every patient will have different recovery time. It’s just driving me nuts that most of these questions cannot be answered until I actually have the procedure!

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