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Just had revision from Sleeve to SIPS

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13 hours ago, Krista2653 said:

I know it has been a while since this thread was updated, but I have been looking for revision posts and just have to say I appreciate this thread! I had the sleeve in 2010, lost 145lbs and after 2 kids and 9 years, I’ve put 80 back on. I’m revising to the traditional DS next month and am worried about the progress that I will see considering they will not be touching my sleeve so I will be able to eat the same amount, which, in my mind, is why I lost the 145lbs to begin with so it is hard to imagine having to just depend on the “switch” part, but I have more confidence now in the “power” of that added effect after reading this. HAPPY LOSING!!


Who’s doing your second part?

Remember no calorie counting with the traditional DS. 👍🏻

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1 hour ago, Postop said:


Who’s doing your second part?

Remember no calorie counting with the traditional DS. 👍🏻

I am going back to Mexicali Bariatric. Dr. Aceves did my sleeve and I wish he were around to do my conversion, but Dr. Ungston will be my surgeon.

And yes...the no calorie counting thing is a huge bonus for me. I know that I still need to “count” Protein but not having to focus on the balancing act of protein within no certain caloric goal will be nice....no more balancing act! Yay!

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@Krista2653Don't worry. Ungson has a great rep.

Yup. Count Protein grams (over 100 per day, I'm usually much higher) and simple carbs/sugar.

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Great thread with useful info. Would you mind sharing the details of foods you can / cannot eat; Which Vitamins you take/ the amount taken daily; and finally details of frequency of the bowel movements/ gas / at what point it has normalized or if it has.

I’m looking at a sleeve to sips revision and trying to collect as much info as possible ahead of the surgery. Thanks!

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Sure. I'm at about 18 months.


Not nearly as sensitive to foods are I was, but I still feel like avocados do me in. Ice Cream. Beer. Basically sugar, carbs, wheat.


I take two normal chewable bariatric Vitamin in the morning (dosage is two). That seems to keep me covered for everything except D and Calcium. Based on advice from this board, I now take 50,000 iu of D3 every day in capsule form.

NOTE: THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT AND TOOK A YEAR BEFORE SOMEONE ON THIS BOARD CLUED ME IN: After this surgery, anything oil based goes through you like **** through a duck. This is in general a good thing. I can literally eat a stick of butter at every meal and it will not show up on waistline. BUT, this means that any vitamin or other drugs that are "Gelcaps" run through you without effect and do not absorb!! Most D3 is sold in gelcap form so you need to find a version that isn't. (I dont know what brand im using offhand, but if you ask I will go upstairs and figure it out.) . SInce switching to non-gelcaps, my D3 is right where it needs to be.

I've also had issues with calcium, which is common. I recently switched to the more expensive version. Haven't been re-tested yet, but will report back after my next test.

Lastly, I take generic Prilosec for heartburn. I didn't need to before surgery, but now its a must.

I take one more 'vitamin' for joint issues, but that IMO is unrelated to bariatric.

THat's it. Not the fistful of pills you sometimes see others taking. But Im SIPS- not full DS - one of the advantages of which is less vitamin issues


Yeah, that's still major issue. 12 to 20 times a day. Usually explosive. Not quite as smelly as the early days, but....yeah... i **** A LOT.

I usually have to get up 3 to 4 times a night still. And It isn't pretty. I carry wet wipes with me at in my back pack at all times, along with poopouri. Also, having a toilet brush in every bathroom in my house is a must. Sometimes I have to do cleanup duty in restaurant or other public bathrooms, just because I feel guilty about the damage I have created. Its really really wrong

NOTE: I still eat fast food and all types of garbage. If I cleaned my diet, I assume things in the bathroom would improve. But I like fast food, and I still keep getting skinnier, so I guess the trade off is worth it.

matt buff san clemente.jpg

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One last thing: If you have any history of alcoholism in your family, be very very careful. Dr's haven't exactly figured out why, but rehabs are filled with Bariatric peeps. Some reports claim your odds of becoming a alcoholic after bariatric go up by 80%. Eighty.

Much easier to never start than it is to quit.

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@disco stu I wonder why you use the bathroom so much. I had the traditional DS and I only use the bathroom about 5 times a day. That include all types of bathroom visits. I do use the bathroom at least twice a night. I don't down a fistful of pills. My levels were so high for B12, that my doc said to cut way back on the dosage. It's interesting to see how different people can be with the same surgery or somewhat the same surgery.

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Wow. Yeah. I can't really explain it. Must have something to do with my total disregard for a clean diet, but yeah, I poop A LOT. Like, A lot a lot. Like, I should invest in Sharmen and Cottonelle flushable wipes.

It's 3:00 and I think I've been in the restroom at least eight times so far since getting out of bed. Part of it is that I've learned from painful experience to "never trust a fart",. so some times it's just a whole lotta gas and nothing else. But in general, I should consider changing my screen name to "oil slick" , since that's my default experience these days.

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@disco stu yeah the gas part isn't fun. I experience that in the evening on a regular basis.-- Voluminous gas that's impressive, to say the least. It's the one drawback of this surgery.

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