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Hi Everyone, I have had the lapland for several years. I recently changed insurance companies and had to find a new dr. I had not had a fill in several years and felt I needed to see the Dr. Well.... after poking over 10 times without any numbing medicine he decided to to an x ray. My port has flipped, it is facing straight up toward my face. He tried several more attempts at getting to the band and FINALLY got it. He was able to get all of the Fluid out, but when he tried to put it back in the needle had a leak. After several more attempts at poking me he called it quits. Now my band has no liquid in it and he wants to do a port revision. Has anybody else had this type of issue. I am so depressed and crying. I do not want to gain all the weight I lost back. He also said my esophagus was stretched and wanted to give it some time to heal. HELP!

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