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It has been a difficult 2 weeks but I am finally turning the corner and feeling better. I went in March 19th at 2 pm for my bilateral extended to forearm briachioplasty. Opened my eyes in recovery ay 6:45 and was home by 8 for 10 minutes when the ambulance was called. I was bleeding profusely from my left arm and had passed out in my recliner. Had to walk to the stretcher as they couldn't get it into the house. Got to ER around 1/2 hour later, Plastic surgeon from the Center (not the one that did the operation but had assisted with my breast reduction in June) came a looked at what was going on. Passed out again while he was there. He told me I had a hemotoma the size of a baseball and would need to go back into surgery ASAP. No operating room was available until 4:30 when he went in and did whatever had to be done and gave me a drain. Finally at 7:30 am Tuesday morning I was in a shared room. They tried to send me home Tuesday night started bleeding again. They did whatever had to be done. My blood count had dropped down to an 8 and my veins were blowing every time they tried to take more blood from my hands. I had an IV in each hand in case the right one blew. I was seen by the PS again Wednesday night and finally sent home on Thursday. From the hospital I was taken directly to the PS DR office on Thursday as when the hospital staff was loading me into the van I started bleeding again. The Dr and 5 nurses saw me immediately, did whatever they had to do and bandaged me back up and sent me home with all kinds of meds including Iron as I was amenic. I had a horrible weekend with intense pain, not only in my arms but my back as well. I was itching like crazy because of the gauze and ace bandages used. When they discovered I had this reaction they came up with a different way of bandaging up my arms. This past Monday I had my 1 week followup and the drain was taken out. I was still way to swollen to fit into any sleeve compressions so I have just been bandaged.

I go back tomorrow for my 2 week followup, hopefully will get some stitches out and into the compression garments. I have attached some photos showing the left arm hematoma area drain area and the right arm. I am so bruised, black and blue and swollen I have no idea of what the outcome will be. I have a feeling this is going to be long difficult recovery. I just hope and pray I will be happy with the final results.

dayafter hemotoma.jpg






20180324_122212 (1).jpg

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So sorry for this wreck of a procedure. I pray it improves going forward. Rest and do everything you can to heal.

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That looks painful - I hope you're getting better every day!

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On 4/4/2018 at 6:54 PM, axlr8n said:

That looks painful - I hope you're getting better every day!

It has been 2 1/2 weeks now and that left arm is still very painful but healing. The glue is still on it as well as the pad for the location of where the drain was placed. The right arm is not as painful and is looking better. Here are the current arm pic.

The Dr on Monday said he still wants to wait until next appt 4/12 before he tries to get me into the vest/sleeve compression garment. However he wants me to try to wear a compression sleeve for a bit in preparation for the garment. The nurse helped me get into it. He said he would be surprised if I wore it for longer than a 1/2 hour. They kept rolling down my upper arm and that hurt so I managed to keep them on for 1 1/2 hours. The vest sleeve garment I think will be easier to wear. What do you all think? Does it look like I am healing?

46 left.jpg


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It looks a lot better - another few weeks and you'll be all healed up! There were times early on that I really regretted having plastics, but now that it's been 7 months I'm starting to think about round two :-).

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On 4/6/2018 at 11:32 PM, axlr8n said:

It looks a lot better - another few weeks and you'll be all healed up! There were times early on that I really regretted having plastics, but now that it's been 7 months I'm starting to think about round two :-).

I know what you mean. I am suppose to have 2 more and am having second thoughts. Maybe by Nov I will be thinking otherwise. What second round are you having done and when?

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I did the 360 body lift and vertical thigh lift the first round... no major complications, but there was a deep hole both front and back that I had to pack with gauze and took a long time to fill in and heal.

Next up is the moobs... but I don't want the long horizontal scars so I'm looking around to see if there is another option. I don't understand why they can't do a lift and raise with the main scar in my armpit, but my surgeon says that he can't do it that way. I haven't scheduled anything and probably won't if it means big scars - I'll just live with the extra skin.

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Managed to get into the vest sleeve compression garment for only 7 hours yesterday. The Dr told me to try and get them on Saturday, if I couldn't stand them on to try again on Monday. I had some rubbing and tightness in the left arm pit and at the crease area in my arm. I guess I will try again on Monday with some pads in those areas.

In my case the excess skin has to be removed before the back Dr will do back surgery. So if I want to ever walk again without assistance I need all this skin removed.


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    • Newme17

      So, getting finances in order, I managed to sell my 2016 Toyota Avalon. It was a beautiful car, of which surprisingly, I’m doing fine without and I actually don’t miss it; and also of which resulted in having a one-vehicle household, which resulted in me HAVING to walk 2.2 miles everyday 5x a week to get my daughter to school. I’m actually quite glad, I’m feeling better/stronger again, and I dropped almost $20,000 of debt. WIN-WIN! 
      · 4 replies
      1. Sleeve1stFitNext

        Awesome sauce!!!

      2. FluffyChix

        Yay!!! That's incredible on so many levels! Yay you! (You wouldn't have been able to do it if you didn't have the surgery and re-birth!"

        Maybe you should look at practicing your nutrition stuff from home?

      3. Creekimp13

        Car debt is the bane of my existence. Wont do it. And I love Toyota...I drive (and LOVE) my 2015 Camry...so I know how hard that was. Absolutely awesome you're getting the walking in, instead. Love that so much! Also teaches good habits to the kiddo....which is brilliant.

        Speaking of kiddo and cars..I've spent the last three months combing the web for a used car for my daughter. She has a summer job lined up here and needs a car to get to various labs and sample sites....and I won't let her go into more debt. (she has minimal student loans and will graduate next year with her microbiology degree)

        I found her a 2008 Malibu from Tennessee, clean inside and out...with just barely 100K on it...and I'm feeling incredibly accomplished. $3000, we paid cash :) CarFax is clean, mechanic said it was in great shape and she should get a few years out of it yet. Very common car with cheap parts if repairs are needed in the future. Previous owner did a valve job and replaced timing chain, and all maintenance was done at dealership. Brand new tires and brakes.

        It's parked in our driveway as we speak. Runs and sounds like brand new.

        I can't wait to see her face:)

      4. Mattymatt

        Well that's awesome! Keep up the good, positive work. :-)

    • allwet

      so a newborn giraffe:  no wonder i am tired today
      Looking forward to complete Oxford English Dictionary
      Dam wish i hadn't missed that Gold brick.  Just my luck
      well got to fed the Giraffe. Catch you all later
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    • istytehcrawk

      Tonight's experiment: wonton wrapper lasagna (made with ground turkey and a Greek yogurt cream cheese/mozzarella/cheddar/spices mix instead of ricotta, which I don't like) and tacos (made with taco meat pilfered from my sister's supper). In the oven now!

      · 8 replies
      1. istytehcrawk

        The wonton wrappers are 31 carbs (1 fiber and 1 sugar) for eight wrappers; each lasagna/taco uses two wrappers. At my one-month follow-up, my surgeon said just to worry about protein/liquids, not the other macros, and she said to work toward 1,000-1,200 calories per day, but that it'd take a while to get there (I'm averaging 500-700 per day currently, with at least 60 carbs).

      2. FluffyChix

        How were they? They look great!

      3. istytehcrawk

        Haven't tried the taco ones yet, but the lasagna ones are AMAZING. Like, as good as or better than regular lasagna.

      4. istytehcrawk

        Update: the taco ones are okay, but the lasagna ones are SO MUCH BETTER.

      5. Creekimp13

        YUM! Gonna steal this!

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    • istytehcrawk

      My jeans were literally starting to fall off me, so I caved today and bought a pair of 26/28s to hold me over until capri weather hits, hopefully in the next few weeks.
      The important part, though, is that I bought them at WALMART! I haven't been able to buy pants there in YEARS because they didn't go to my size. Unfortunately, I still had to pay $17 (so much better than the $60ish at Catherine's though), because the 26s that were on clearance for $9 were still too small to be comfortable. SOON, though!
      · 3 replies
      1. Newme17

        I almost caved today at Walmart for some pants, but I just couldn’t do it. I keep thinking how many times will I actually wear them before I have to go down a size. Technically I could have gotten some for about the last two months, cause I have been staying about the same. But since my workouts were upped again, I figured to just keep my money and wear the leggings (I have been buying these in smaller sizes...they’re cheap at walmart!) I’ve been wearing for the past year! So, good for you! Enjoy your pants and yay...they’re much cheaper atwalmart and yes, they’re just as good too, IMO. 😊

      2. istytehcrawk

        I probably would've held off with buying them, but mine were so baggy they looked awful, and I'm a reporter so I have to look at least semi-presentable and the 28s just didn't fit that bill anymore -- after only about a month!

      3. Mattymatt

        That's a really great feeling! Keep up the dedication. :-)

    • istytehcrawk

      Just made Eggface's mini chocolate protein muffins, minus the chocolate topping. They're pretty tasty, albeit a little bit dry; I think when I reheat them I'll spray them with a tiny bit of butter spray to help with that. Not bad, considering they help satisfy the sweet tooth for roughly 30 calories and 2 grams of protein (my mix made 14 instead of the 12 hers did).
      · 1 reply
      1. Orchids&Dragons

        Thanks for the link! Those look great!

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