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No To Low Cooking Ideas for Real Foods (Stage 4) Post Op

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I think that packaged processed food have their place. Some people need a crutch, especially in the early days. They might not cook or know how to cook. They may only eat a spoonful or two of something. So it feels like it's not even worth it to cook something real, whole foods. Right?

Some people need a fix (healthi-er) alternative to their former high crap addiction.

We're not all in the same place on the continuum: purist to hedonist. I'm purist about some things (healthy/bad fats and sugar), but not so much in other areas (I use some premade sauces and marinades and gravies cuz of convenience, taste, few calories, few carbs and use some sugar alcohols.) The most I can claim is that I'm a mid-hedonist working toward making better choices.

So in those situations, I think the convenience of precooked meals, Soups, stews, etc are a good solution. And I think BP is a good store. (I wasn't aware of the restock fee or the taste test guarantee.) I order things like my Celebrate Vitamins and treats like Twin Peaks Protein Puffs + Quest Protein Chips/Tortillas + Zeroodles + Epic Pork rinds, that kind of stuff. I think their prices are fair and they have good customer service.

Just my 2 cents. Sorry for your experience. You edit your profile on mobile under your account menu in the upper right of your screen.

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Low Carb Pizza: Makes 1-4 servings; serving size is 1/4 pizza


Nuke a tortilla on a paper towel in 20 second bursts. Flip it over and nuke and dry. Usually takes 3-4 bursts. Don't let it brown, just dry out.


Sprinkle with use 1-2 servings of mozz shreds. serving size =1/4c of cheese.

image.png.b7f24e06b46d8131e8c9732737ce4886.png image.png.44347e104dd8af8492c4f85dfe24b667.png image.png.0baf92c3e4aff816a1fe1b7736093c89.pngimage.png.b8c4cbb6afd1aa1d4552478ccd65de75.pngimage.png.c39799ae274be29997ec7103f5c4ebc4.pngimage.png.0dd13701872f6bf0674ce77b89e27ee9.png

Add your fave toppings to the crispy shell.

Bake on bare rack with aluminum foil underneath on the next rack until cheese is melty. 350* for about 10-12 minutes.


Remove and dot with your favorite low cal, low carb sauce.

image.png.a30ff3a6a7dc4574573f83956a9084ea.png image.png.5f33d37b1d5942836480702fd5e3abe1.png

Sprinkle with parmesan and red pepper flakes and enjoy!

Here's the nutritional information for an entire pizza. I usually eat 1/4 of one with salad.


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7 hours ago, Losingit2018 said:

I thought that I would chime in with something that I have used in the past. Rather than use the flatbread or tortilla wraps, try Joseph’s Lavash bread. The wraps are large and we only need about 1:4 of one which equates to 30 calories. They are made from flax, whole wheat and oat bran. Super yummy!

Thanks for the tip, I just ordered some!

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