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pics update Feb 23, 2018

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I've hit a gain/stal for about a week and a half. I was 291, then 289 (1 week or so ago) then miraculously went up to 293..
I should be used to this by now- I know
Anyway, yesterday, Feb 22, I weighed 287. Whew. But the picture my friend took aren't a good illustration of this win
You know that feeling when you are at your lowest weight so far, and yet, you look BIGGER in this pic than ones 20 pounds heavier?

But Authenticity is the commitment to be real, even when it makes you cringe inside, right?
First picture was Feb 21, 2018
Second picture was today Feb 23

I hate the way I look but I want to be genuine in this journey
and.. While I know I probably sound hypocritical as I always preach that it's on the inside that counts and spend so much time talking about the heart, I am a lot like everyone else. I am cruel to my own self, while I think the world of others. (you all) It's true. I am where I am though and I am content to be me . So no worries

p.s. I have grown though. Anyone close to me could tell you. I would have never posted a full body pic of myself. That's why for years you've only seen face shots.. Be gentle on me. I'm on a pride makeover as well'



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That smile says it all. Be proud and keep going pretty woman.

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