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    • BTmom

      Can't wait to say goodbye to this body.... 

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    • Jodi1980

      So I had a Pure Protein birthday cake bar for my p.m. snack and it was anything but. yuck. I think the only bar I like is their chocolate salted caramel. Disappointing.
      I am drinking the Syntrax Nectar Pink Grapefruit. On a scale of 1 to 5, I'm giving it a 3 to 4 for taste. I think that leaves me with only one shake left and that is the green apple I believe. I will have to decide what I want to order for my final decision. So many flavors though...
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    • Jodi1980

      Tired the Syntrax Nectar Lemonade. Meh. It was okay but the foam/froth at the top kind of turned me off but I drank some of it.
      My husband, who will also be having VSG surgery next year, has been going to his nutrition classes so he wasn't home for dinner so i didn't have to worry about what to make him. I made Kraft mac and cheese for my son and well, I took about 5 big tablespoon out of the bowl as he ate his. Yes, I confess, I was doing so well! I didn't beat myself up though. I just know now, I can't be doing that anymore! I did add it to my Bariastic app. as I am tracking everything I eat and drink. Needless to say, those 5 tablespoon took 125 calories that quick!! I thought to myself, was it really worth it?! When I was in the moment, yeah, it was but I then why am I here in the first place?
      After I put my son to bed, I drank the rest of the lemonade. I give it about a 3. I had blended with just water and ice cubes. I'm thinking if ice was in my glass without blending, it probably would have tasted better. Trial by error, I suppose.
      This morning, I had the Syntrax Nectar Twisted Cherry. I blended at work with a banana. I give this one a 3. Kind of reminded me of children's cough syrup. I mean it wasn't horrible but I liked some of the flavors better. I already had a protein bar around 10am but it's already 11:07a.m. and I don't have lunch for another hour. 
      I was going to have my meal for dinner but I think I may just have it for lunch instead. I'm thinking a nice salad with some hard boiled egg for protein. Probably run to my local grocery store and get one from the salad bar they have! Just taking it one day at a time! 
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    • okayestmom

      My oldest son Just got home from deployment in the middle east. I missed him and am looking forward to spending some time with him.  He wants to go to Nebraska Furniture (north of us near where his sister lives) to look for a new dining room table for his house.  I will for sure be getting my steps in and my daughter has better furniture taste than I do, so that will help as well.  My stomach feels 100% better knowing he is safe (as long as we avoid I 35 construction haha).
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      1. Orchids&Dragons

        That's wonderful that your son is getting to come home and I hope you have a wonderful visit. Please thank him for his service and thanks to you for your service as well! I didn't think there was anyway to avoid the I-35 construction, short of growing wings. Good luck with that ;)

    • Jodi1980

       Lunch time was my yummy dinner from last night. I made homemade turkey chili. I know, it's the middle of summer but I wanted something hardy and that was perfect with some sliced avocado & a tad of shredded Mexican cheese. YUM! I found the recipe that was titled "the best turkey chili recipe you will ever eat" and in fact, it was!
      My shake this afternoon is the Syntrax Nectar Kiwi Strawberry with a banana. I brought in my magic bullet blender to work since it's light and portable. I used water this time instead of the almond milk. Sipping it now at my desk, it's pretty good. I'd give this one a 5! The banana takes over and taste just like strawberry banana shake. Yum!
      Not quite sure what I am planning on tonight for dinner but since I had my main meal for lunch, it will consist of a dinner shake and a p.m. snack after (protein based of course- probably 2 hard boiled eggs.
       10 more days until surgery... I really hope my liver is teeny tiny from all of this!
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