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2 years out - what is your daily menu like?

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hey guys!

I'm a little shy of 2 years from my gastric sleeve surgery. I've pretty much maintained the wait I've lost for the most part (maybe i'm up 4 or 5 lbs)

Recently to be honest I haven't been great at tracking my macros or my water.... probably the reason I'm up a few pounds. I had reintroduced more processed foods into my diet, and although I haven't gained thaaat much back, I decided enough was enough and I'm gonna start tracking again, decreasing carb intake, and focusing on Protein, just like we were supposed to do! lol!

I'm already down a couple of pounds.

I was just wondering what other sleevers experience a few years after their surgery, how well they stick to the prescribed diet, and what your (honest) daily food intake looks. How many of each of the macros do you average? How many calories per day? Any other experiences you want to add?

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How I eat at 2.5 years is basically the same as how I was eating at year one. Just slightly larger portions. My dense Protein portion size is unchanged at 4 ounces but I can easily eat 8 ounces of fish or a 6 ounce burger. Which is fine for me. 8 ounces of fish doesn't even hit 200 calories.

My calories vary wildly depending on my day or mood, anywhere from 1200 to 2200. The average 1400/1500 if I am home all day (which I am most of the time I work from home).

I keep my carbs below 25 most days. My protein is always a minimum 100 grams, goal is 130 grams.

At 6 months post-op I picked a way of eating that I felt natural to me that I could stick to, so there is no real reason to change it.

My physical hunger still has not returned at all unless I go about 16 hours without eating. I do WANT to eat more, but that is due to RL circumstances. I'm a stress eater and 2017 was high stress for me. In the summer I can work off steam being outside, in the winter, when I am trapped in doors it is harder.

The mental game is harder, but my sleeve is still function as always.

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    • bookworm1983

      Had my gastric sleeve surgury on 12/28. I have lost about 15 pounds since surgery but have hit a stall. It is soooo frustrating! Any advice is greatly appreciated
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      1. MowryRocks

        Just be patient. It sounds like a pat answer, but it is literally the only thing you can do to crush the dreaded 3 week stall!

      2. MissSimpson

        We have the same surgery day and the same problem. I’ve lost about 20, then stopped. I’m hardly eating anything, logging everything, getting my water and proteins. I don’t know what’s wrong. It’s so frustrating.

    • Little Green

      I'm doing so well on the new plant-based way of eating! It's been 1 month since my final diet visit, where I found out I had gained about four pounds since my previous visit in November. That meant I had only lost 3 pounds overall from March-December 2017. Ugh, sad trombone. However, in the last 3 weeks of eating a plant-based diet I've lost 13 pounds from my December visit weight! And that includes Christmas and a vacation! So definitely not a "perfect" month by any means. I'm really hoping this way of eating will support my goal of reaching and maintaining 100% of excess weight lost. 
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