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1 month post op! [emoji76]

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Hi everyone I wanted to share how happy I am to be 1 month post op today!




I have my 5 week check up on the 9th and have met the goal I needed to reach of 286, I am a waitress so I get most of my exercise right now at work walking and lifting trays, I will get my go ahead to start the fun stuff!! Through my Dr. I get 1 year free membership to a nice gym! Eating has been hit or miss for me. I am trying to just remind myself to focus on my Vitamins, Water and Protein for now slowly introducing new foods. I have experienced my first “dumping” and let me tell u WHAT!! uh no way buddy will I take ONE bite of a general tso chicken again! I took one small bite of a piece of chicken from my husbands dinner nd literally 5 mins of me swallowing that sucker I was violently ill. All I can say is 3 flushes later I was LITERALLY 4 pounds lighter! How are the rest of ya doing? Give me some ideas for food at this stage?

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Congratulations! Seems like we both had our surgeries around the same time. I just completed my 5 week checkup as well.
HW 227
SW 221
CW 195

I’ve also experienced dumping syndrome but I experience it differently. I get a tummy ache then I lay down and fall asleep anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on how bad it is. bread did me in the worst. I’ve been able to tolerate most other foods in small doses though; wings, ice cream, pop corn with butter, pizza, Pasta dishes etc etc. I’ve started exercising again doing cardio in the mornings and Crossfit in the afternoons although exercise was never my problem...

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