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Status Update from Veteran

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Ok, for those who do not know me, a little background.

Was banded Jan 2011....met my goal weight within 12 months. Have been 100% successful and as happy as can be ever since, the band did everything I had expected to. I will also add I never had a single problem. If you call getting stuck, regurgitating a problem, well good luck with that.......I call that a learning curve. Stop doing what caused those issues.

Toughest Part?? Letting the band make the rules, and me changing, adapting to get along with what the bands demands. That meant giving up a lot of things I used to enjoy.

Today...went back to my surgeon (and office staff) who I have not seen in a few years......Reason? To discuss having the band removed. Why? Not that there are problems, not that it does not work, but because it did work...for years. I figure by now I have learned new habits....eating small portions, abstaining form certain foods such as meat, flour based products, etc....learning Protein and Water is a daily given. I feel I can survive with out the band. So they removed ALL the Fluid from my band, 8cc's. Will go back in December and start planning the pre-surgery clearances and decide on a surgery date. probably Jan-Feb.

It's been a very rewarding experience. Best decision I ever made. Literally saved my life.

Now for the fun part.....My surgeon and the weight loss center, stopped doing bands altogether.

I asked why, and was told, with a few exceptions such as myself, there is a high failure rate. Now I know this has been a topic here, and I did not have an opinion, until today. I trust these people whole heartily. I asked if the band was no good? Answer was the band is just fine...it's the patients who get the band who are the problem. The staff just could not "Babysit" anymore.

Sorry, many did not want to hear that...but take it from me who is successful..there is nothing wrong with the band.

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That's a pretty broad statement that they feel they can speak for the entire patient population that has had the band. They don't even know me or my history. It sounds more like they didn't want to admit they did so many lap band surgeries that weren't considered 'successful'. What sort of office admits to not wanting to provide continuing after care [emoji28]

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I was banded in January 2013. I have managed my band quite well. I am still very thankful for the band and the results. I do know it takes patient compliance to be successful. It's not easy to change your lifetime habits, some people can do it successfully some cannot. My Surgeon told me the same thing he is not recommended the band as much because of patient non compliance. It's more difficult to manage than the sleeve. I have maintained my weight loss since my first year. I have been able to maintain my health as well, no more diabetes, no more high cholesterol or high blood pressure. My life has taken some turns such as losing my husband of 39 years and other family members in a short period of time and the urge to overeat or eat out of pity was there, fortunately my band is a constant reminder to not do that. Banding is not for everyone and everyone has their own reasons and choices. I hope everyone is comfortable with their choices and I would not say one or the other. Glad to see some of the Veterans here expressing their views. If I were to experience issues with my band I would probably opt for the sleeve.

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Thank you for your post, I had my lap band placed in 2007. I have not had a fill-in over two years. I have insurance and found an MD to fill it, he tried to talk me into removing it. I have it tested under floro. It is in good working order, the MD was shocked. It worked for me and when I could not get it filled it opened without any restriction. It was over and I ate poorly, I wish I would not have had any lapse in insurance. I would be doing the same thing and having it removed. I go fo my fill tomorrow after 2+ years.

I have to retrain my thoughts about eating, chew, chew, chew and only a tiny portions of nutrients needed. Water etc. I can do this!! Once again the post was helpful.

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    • Jerseygirl4523

      This week I got nutrition clearance and finished my at home sleep study. They called Friday and the results were normal! I had my pathway class today. 
      I've officially completed all the requirements I had to complete before surgery, except for the 6 month medically supervised weight loss required by Anthem BCBS.
      What a week!
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    • istytehcrawk

      Fit back down into the (new) size 28 jeans I bought like six months ago!
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      1. Mattymatt


    • istytehcrawk

      Had my first meal out at a restaurant (Bob Evans) tonight. 
      Ordered the grilled Wildfire chicken (one breast), with sides of baby carrots, green beans with ham (very minimal), and fresh fruit. Skipped the bread. Oh, and mom and I sat around chatting after the meal, and (after waiting a while) I drank a few ounces of peppermint tea with Splenda.
      Ate some of each of the chicken/veggies/fruit, and brought the rest home. Separated it out, and it made enough for three more meals (the veggies could have made four or five, probably, but there was only enough chicken for three, and I don't mind wasting a little bit of the veggies), plus the fruit for a snack. Super delicious.

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    • Mattymatt

      Exhaustion finally got the better of me and I took a long nap. Only problem with being that tired was I had a very lucid nightmare. The basic theme was all of my setbacks and failures over the past 15 years in brief and vivid snapshots. The most vivid of these snapshots was of my ex-girlfriend, the one I thought I would marry. We were doing karaoke night on a cruise and she sang Paula Abdul's Forever Your Girl while looking right at me with an unforgettable sparkle in her eye.
      Well, I woke up feeling predictably like garbage and then I vaguely remembered a few people posting about how fast weight loss can release hormones stored in fat. I don't know what prompted me to step on the scale but I did and lo and behold, I am down 6 pounds in only 5 days (maybe more because it is best to weigh at the beginning of the day.) This was a faster rate than I had ever lost before. Ironically, this did not make me feel any better. My hazy mind just said, "Okay, now time to shower and clean the incisions" Jaysus! I don't cry easily but the damn burst once the hot water hit me. A good cry is an underrated experience for feeling better. So I am now well along my journey and down 26 pounds from my heaviest last September.
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      1. Toomanytacos


      2. istytehcrawk

        I feel you. My hormones are definitely out of whack, too (though it's not as bad now as it was the first couple weeks -- so it does get better). I sometimes just start tearing up out of NOWHERE, sometimes in the middle of a conversation. I warned everyone at work that if it looks like I'm crying, I probably am, but it's fine because it's just my body being ridiculous (everyone at work knows about my surgery).

    • istytehcrawk

      A little annoyed that I'm up about two pounds since yesterday (weighed yesterday because it was my one-month anniversary and today before an appointment with my PCP so I could compare the difference between my scale and theirs), but my doctor says it is likely water retention because I've been spotting the last few days (I don't get true periods anymore because of the Nexplanon implant). I just hope it passes soon.
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      1. FluffyChix

        Oh that's the worst! Scales are unreliable pig fuc*ers who will want to mind-do you any chance they get! ((hugs))

      2. Mattymatt

        Hey! As I write this, I am taking a heaping teaspoon of my own medicine. Please be kind to yourself. Remember that this is a journey and you can expect it to have ups and downs. As my surgeon says, recuperation and gaining health rarely happens in a linear fashion. Instead, focus on the overall trend. You can do this! You're worth it!

      3. istytehcrawk

        I'm generally pretty optimistic (both overall and about this surgery), but I sure was liking maintaining an average loss of 10 pounds per week. Now that nice, round average is all shot to hell. (I'm more annoyed that my average is no longer "pretty" than I am about gaining the little bit of weight, actually.)

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