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I’m a 48 y/o AA, single Mom. I had band over bypass on 9/14, on liquids until 11/1, and will have my first fill on that date. I started at 296 lbs (301 at my highest) and as of 2 days ago I was at 278. Im not as interested in the numbers as I am in the “look” (finally being able to wear clothes and feel sexy again) and lifestyle change.

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I am going though the process of getting the lap band. I confess that I am a bit scared because of some of the stories that I have heard. I am up to the final stages (dietitian and Psychologist). After I am done with those, I should be able to schedule op date. I joined this group because I would like to hear other's experience with the band both positive and negative. What is your experience so far?

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I had the band surgery on 9/14. I’ll get my first fill on 11/1. This, like any other weight loss efforts, is difficult BC I’m deprived of my drug of choice...FOOD. The liquid diet, as many have posted, gets boring. But I researched best places to get Soup here in Chocago and have gotten quite an assortment of delicious cream Soups that keep me very very satisfied. I’ve also asked my family to save leftover juice from meals they prepare and that helps tremendously too. The internet provides really cool ideas for soups, too. Pillsburry.com has some really great soup ideas with the cooler weather coming soon.

The Protein Drinks are a drag for me too. So I mix the 2 scoops of Protein Powder (the equivalent of the 2 daily shakes I’m suppose to have) with skim milk and ice cubes and it makes the best chocolate or strawberry milk. There’s a website that sells Bariatric products that sells different Protein powder flavors and soups. I didn’t care for them though.

Two weeks post op (long enough for my incisions to heal), I see a trainer 2x/wk and I do 20minutes of some kind of cardio daily. As of 2 weeks ago when I weighed in, I had lost a total of 22 lbs lost 30lbs so far.

Also, during the first 2 weeks post op, I would get these random unexplained stomach cramps similar to charlie horses. I would have to position myself into a good stomach stretch and it would go away.

Beware though. During the first few weeks your band isn’t full. I don’t get my first fill until Nov 1. Ive read a post where someone could actually eat as much as they wanted of whatever they wanted. The problem with that is the stomach above or below the band can move or shift which cans cause a prolapse in the band soon or later on. Post op and pre-fill time and the liquid diet allows the stomach and band to get to know each other, bond, and become a perfect union before your first fill. The tension and work of digesting harsh food is absent so that they can live happily ever after. Tee hee.

Finally, I’ve organized a support group on an ap called Meet Up also. Support, whether it’s from a group, friends and family, co-worker where you can share, vent, fill mental time with is trendously helpful. This is a SUDDEN life change that I couldn’t transition into alone. Let them know in the beginning that, like any addiction, in the beginning you will withdraw. Bug for us, it’s like quitting cigarettes while living with smokers. I got moody and snappy at times in the beginning. I cried a lot and felt much regret. I’d go to bed feeling awful after having to cook for my son. Trust me, that all gets easier with support, positive self-talk, exercizing, and whatever u need to do for yourself in a given moment to get by.

This site helped a lot for me too. Connecting with those that have been there done that, agreeing with some and agreeing to disagree with others, sharing victories, meltdowns (I’ve had a few while here) and setbacks, ALL THAT, helped me too.

Forgive me but that was a lot but it was all I could think of to share. The journey is not easy but more than possible. Great luck.

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