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Prior to getting VSG last month, I was diagnosed as infertile 4/2016. I saw a reproductive endocrinologist who ran several tests, noting that I was still ovulating but have a diminished number of eggs due to premature ovarian failure (cause unknown.) I also have only one fallopian tube due to an ectopic pregnancy. I had regular periods, although my cycles had shortened in length as I got older (period is currently late but is first cycle after surgery.) Doctor figured I should have been pregnant so there must be something wrong with my one tube, even though it isn't blocked. I may have some endometriosis but nothing has been observed in my uterus. The surgeon who removed my tube noted I had adhesions behind my uterus.

I plan to wait the recommended time before trying to get pregnant and will use preventative measures until then.

However, my question is, has anyone had issues with what I experienced above and found improvement after VSG? I know weight loss helps, but I got down to 230 lbs when we were trying which shouldn't make pregnancy impossible. Since the cause of my premature ovarian failure is unknown, I was wondering if weight loss will somehow help me produce more eggs.

I know of course, I have a lot of problems that weight loss may not be able to help, but am just interested in hearing your experiences.

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