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*I posted this in beginners but think this is the correct forum? Unsure*

First of all, SO glad to have found this site.

I had my gastric band op 10 days ago. The first week was excruciating in terms of trapped air, nausea, post op pain but now recovering well.

I am currently on a liquid diet - concerned as I am supposed consuming liquid like Soup, Protein Shakes, milk etc but have only been consuming Water and tea. The first few days I had some yoghurt and soup but developed a repulsion i.e nausea to anything milk based.

Prior to the op I purchased an lot of high Protein milk based shakes just for this phase but have touched a single one.

- Should I be worried? Especially with the emphasis placed on 'high protein' consumption?

- When entering the soft food phase I plan on consuming tuna but the booklet given to me. post op says tuna is too 'lean' for soft food phase and should stick to 'soft fish'. Has anyone added tuna to soft food phase? Doesn tuna not count as 'soft food' ?

Thanks so much in advance!


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Hi sorry I don't have much advice as I'm only 3 days post op! I'm struggling with the fluids in the sense that I don't really want to put anything in so I'm forcing myself to drink as much as I can and I'm trying to have 1 Soup per day I also haven't touched any of my Protein Shakes either but think I will have to I have no energy at all!

I can't wait to start to soft food weeks although that is if my appetite is back as at the minute I don't feel hungry in the slightest.

The pain in my left abdomen is still really bad and I'm finding it difficult to move around or stand up straight please tell me this will ease off in the next few days? X

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Hi yes it will definitely ease off. The first few days were difficult in terms on pain and finding comfortable positions to sit or lie down in. And when I needed to sit up I usually asked someone to pull my arms up while flexed as it was much too painful to pull myself up. But it goes away within a week and was able to move around as normal!

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