Sleeve to Bypass, will I go back to classes?

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I have severe Gerd. My EGD today showed hiatal hernia, gastritis and esophagitis. My doctor has already mentioned converting to bypass as a solution.

I'm willing to do anything at this point, and want the pain gone yesterday. The nighttime episodes of asperating acid is scaring me.

For those that have converted from the sleeve, did they make you go through another 6 months of classes?

Thank you for any information.


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I am currently in the process of revising from sleeve to bypass, I have to only do 2 months.

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Hi Debbbiee, My band is already out 4 years ago. I was a self-pay. Our insurance sent me to one of their doctors to take it out. Conversion was not an option because they didn't cover it.

If it had been my lapband surgeon who removed it, then he would have wanted me to go thru NUT classes and see the psych - not for more testing but to discuss the major changes coming up, etc.

You're at the point where I was in that it's becoming urgent for you with the aspirating at night. So I would expect you may have a few appts to take care of, but I would not expect it to be a 6 mos process while you're laying there aspirating & more damage is happening to the esophagus.

Do you have an appt to talk to your surgeon about it now that you have the EDG results?

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