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I don't see it as a diet, it is a way of life. Thinking like that I don't have to have cheat days or cheat meals or diet.

I don't feel like I am suffering or deprived. I legit don't like most carbs, didn't before surgery and still don't. I really enjoy just eating meat, veggies and the odd Protein bar. I have a healthy relationship with food.

If anything you said in this thread is true, then I am really happy for you, but I find it pretty hard to believe given your track record.


"If anything I've said is true" hahah. Girl I don't have time to sit around and make up stuff for the internet. Why would I make anything up? That's pretty silly don't you think...

I had bypass.

Then I had a sleeve.

Then I had a stricture.

I relapsed into anorexia.

I have really bad dumping.

My food still gets stuck a lot.

I sought therapy for anorexia/bulimia/Ednos.

I sought more therapy.

I found a new way to think about weight and body image.

I gave up on dieting or caring about my weight.

The end.

I'm not sure what you think my motivation for lying would be. But it's annoying you keep saying that about me on my posts. A lot of old vets were really mean to me and I let it get to me... I was really struggling last year. I could have used more support. IMG_0310.JPGIMG_0279.JPGIMG_0911.JPG

But whatever... I'll share some photos so those of you who want to know more about me can see that im a real person with a real story. Go back and read my old posts if you want. I don't really care. I'm here to help those who need advice. My own experience is just one of many.


Anorexia at its finest. :(

Me now.



Believe me or not... that's what I went through.

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