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I have just finished a great article that also mentions the notion of Wls recalculating a bodies set point..

(The spot on the scale where your body prefers to stay)

It talks about studies that show that Wls resets to a lower number, but often not the lowest number we choose. Furthermore it discusses how it is just as difficult to lower that number, and the body likes to go back to it. Even with exercise diet and due diligence.

I found this to be true in my case.

The article was studying lap banders in particular and after 10 years , personally, I can adjust that number a bit. I also can attest how hard it is for me to stay at 10 lbs below it.

I don't have to mention it is still a daily awareness that keeps me from EVER. Going back to 272!!!

I'm wondering if any of us few banders. Or others. Feel this way also??

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Writing to reply my account is not working correctly. Ads inserted too???

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