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In theory, I'm getting a band in a month

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Greetings all!

I'm Ray and I'm on the last few steps before getting ye ol' lap band. Last steps in that I've got a dr, done the weigh ins, and now am waiting to hear from my insurance to find out if I'm approved.

I'm happy with the place I'm going, but they are a bit of a machine so I've been doing a bit of the info gathering on my own, hence how I found this forum.

So, I guess my question is, seeing as I'm approximately a month out, what are some tips and tricks that worked for you or you wish you knew that helped you prepare for the liquid diet or the surgery it's self?

Thanks for any thoughts or such that you would like to share!

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I had the lap band 8 years ago and converted to the sleeve this past September. The band surgery, and the sleeve, we're very manageable. Both had pre-ob diet. I used prepared Premiere Protein both times (until it was Clear liquids only). For the Clear Liquids I used filtered Water, Crystal light and tea. It was hard but I did it. Its a lot of mental work, refocusing. The sleeve surgery has a longer recovery for both healing and diet. I had initial success with band but honestly I still yo-yoed with weight. Personally the band wasnt enough of a tool for me so I decided to do the sleeve. Good luck with your journey.

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I was banded 4 years ago and I am having a revision surgery to the sleeve same here yo yoed, but I have had nothing but complications with it I was never able to find my sweet spot it was either to tight or loose. I also

vomit alot because many of the food that I eat get stuck also the I have a hernia and my band has slipped;( looking forward to getting the sleeve. Also, just because o had problems doesn't mean you will;) Just do as much research as possible!! I bought small cups, plated, forks and spoons etc made sure to stock up on Protein products such as drinks and powders a food processor or Ninja is good to have around as well also a food scale and measuring cups I always made it habit to carry a bottle of Water everywhere I went..... Good luck!

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Coming up on 6 years...best decision I ever made!!

The first few months to a year can be difficult, getting the band adjusted and adjusting oneself to get in sync with what the band is trying to accomplish.

Many people get frustrated, perhaps they resist change because changing ones lifestyle is what you have to do...otherwise the band does nothing!

Many people, during this phase, back down and will get Fluid taken out to meet THIER comfort....Me, I worked through the unpleasant consequences until I found a whole new comfort zone.

And I have been there ever since.

As my band got adjusted, I was FORCED to change not only what I ate, but how I ate...I was FORCED to eat smaller portions, and give up certain foods altogether.

But once that did happen, the weight just fell off...and continued to do so until my body decided it was where it should be, passing any goals I may have set for myself.

Of course, I could have gotten Fluid taken out and eat whatever and whenever I wanted.

Then call it a "Tool" to use in conjunction with traditional dieting..something I simply cannot do...diet.

If you get sick, stuck, and the food comes back up, don't be so quick to blame the band for being too tight...ask yourself first, what did I do to cause this? Was it something I ate? Did I take too big a swallow? Not chew well enough?

This is where the lessons are learned. And it can be very difficult.

I can walk into a large room full of food choices, at a buffet, or a party, etc....for me now, it's a no brainer. I simply pass over food I know I don't eat anymore.

People here will start complaining and worrying about Thanksgiving coming up...what's to worry about?

There are foods I can't and do not eat anymore, so they're off my radar. And what I do eat, my portions are small. So overeating is not a worry either.

It was, and is, the easiest thing I could have ever done to lose weight. For me, dieting was difficult and impossible always ending in failure.

But with the band, as long as I accepted the changes, it all became a way of life.

Today I go about my day to day business and don't even think about the band, don't think about dieting or calories...I have been set free from all that.

It has all become very normal, a new lifestyle.

With the band, I have no hunger, no cravings, and when I do eat my portion sizes are limited.

Sure, if I try to eat too much, or eat the wrong foods, it will result in unpleasant consequences...but that was the lessons I've learned, and I cannot be more pleased with myself.

So, when one is considering the band, I have to ask...How bad do you want it? How willing are you to turn away from certain foods??

You have to be willing to accept change...in a big way. many people want to hold onto the old habits. I read posts here every day about what people think they can or will eat. It just does not work.

I have no fear of ever gaining any weight back, as long as the band is there.

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@@rayh @@B-52 Everything B said.....i'm coming up on my 7th year with the band.... by far one of the best decisions i EVER made. I LOVE my band.

I've only had one time when i put back on some lbs (20), but this was not the bands fault, it was mine. I find some people just can't take responsibility for the choices they make. The band wasn't making me buy ice cream, chips, candy... etc. I was..... and in turn those bad choices lead to my pants getting too tight... i stopped and got back to what i knew worked.... Lost those 20 and 15 more...

Remember it's a tool..... you'll get out of it what you put into it...


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Yes! @B52...great advice...all of it. Follow the rules. Its harder than it might seem at first and you really do have to do all the work. After a few months and the pounds come off slower...just keep following the rules no matter how much you want to eat something or take a huge bite or whatever... I love my band. Its not always perfect. I still make mistakes. I still eat slider foods and PB. But my life is full of active happiness that I wouldn't have been able to keep up with without making this choice and sticking with it!

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