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Struggling Bad!

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I am 2 weeks post op from DS. I am struggling with food. I do not want to eat. I was great on liquids. I lived on Ice Water and still do. but I am struggling with Protein, and what I can and can't eat now that I am in puree..... The sound of liquidizing everything is disgusting to me. I would rather struggle with no protein until i get to the soft food portion of my diet so i can eat meatloaf and chicken and what not. I don't have that large of a menu i enjoy eating from to begin with, but I am really having a hard time in the puree phase. Every time I open a Protein shake I start gagging so I cant even get help there.

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Well HON you CAN NOT do without your PROTEIN!!! You will get very sick. With that being said, you can order online a Protein powder that is unflavored. It is the only one that I have found that claims to be unflavored that is true to its word. You can add it to anything you want, I add it to my "SPECIAL COFFEE" every day. If anything it makes my coffee taste even creamier!! So here goes it is called GENEPRO. It has 30grams of Protein in 1 scoop. Did you come home with directions of what you can eat now? If nothing else add some GENEPRO to your Beef or chicken broth. Make yourself up some Soup that you enjoy, lots of veggies cooked until they are mushy. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. You will have lots of problems if you don't get your protein in. I was told at least 60grams a day. Now I'm not sure about the DS but I had the RNY. But I have been told DS need higher fats. Have you tried Cottage cheese? One thing I did is I put sugar-free strawberry Jam in my cottage cheese, it kind of tasted like a strawberry Cheese Cake. If you can't get more protein in please call your Dr or your Nutritionist for some suggestions. Good Luck

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I had a terrible time with the pureed stage for the same reasons you list. I would gag and end up vomiting and it was a total aversion.

I pretty much stuck to things that would not gag me such as greek yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken broth with added Protein power. My bariatric team had me switch to premier Protein shakes and milk them down with fair life so they were thinner. Premier does not have that disgusting Protein taste or smell and they are ready made. In the beginning weeks i would mix 1/3 of the 11 oz shake with 2/3 fairlife protein milk.

My tummy did not and still does not tolerate regular milk for some reason. I can eat other dairy but not milk so i buy lactose free milk which fairlife is.

You really need to get some protein in your body, besides getting sick you can lose your hair.

Everyday it should get a little better but you really need to try some different protein options.

Best of luck to you.

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Can you try a little refried Beans mixed with GENEPRO? My husband and I never puréed anything . We mashed with a fork and took tiny bites. Chili was our favorite. You can add GenePro to a small bowl of lowfat chili. There are so many options. I wish you well and hope you know This is a phase and it gets wonderfully better. We are post sleeve three years, never struggled, still drinking Premier Protein shakes, still eating almost zero carbs, and it is just a way of life. I sure wish you the best!

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I used Premier Protein shakes even post op than one day i opened one and i could not do it. I am almost 4 weeks post op i have not touched one since one since week one i could not take the smell. Once on purred stage i did alot of Beans and cheese. I made my own shake with greek yougurt and powder and i here gene pro is good. Its flavorless.

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The three most important elements after weight loss surgery are to meet your daily Protein, Fluid and Vitamin requirements. food is secondary because your body is converting your stored fat into the energy that drives your body. Thus you lose weight. I had RNY gastric bypass and I have to take many Vitamins but Duodenal Switch patients even have a heavier load of daily Vitamins to take.

After surgery many patients find it difficult to meet their daily Fluid and Protein requirement. This is because their body is in a major heal mode. Generally if they just keep trying to reach their goal, they will get there after a few weeks. Your taste buds can change after surgery. This can affect the taste of food, of Water and other fluids and or protein shakes. It is important to experiment until you find something that you can tolerate. You don't have to like it, only tolerate it. There are many forms of Protein Shakes available and it is important to try these until you find something that you can tolerate. Some people find Isopure to be a good alternative. I tried some and hated it but my wife tried it and liked it. So it is all a function of finding what works for you.

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Don't forget that part of the puree and soft food stages involves training your stomach, to some extent. It is recovering and it has to start functioning in a much smaller form than it has in the past. Your system has to sort of "recalibrate" through this process. So going in stages helps with that. If you jump right into soft foods, it may be a little harder on your stomach to process stuff. These stages are relatively fast though, one or two weeks...you can do it. Yes, it's sort of joyless, but you'll get through it. There's a time limit on it.

Gettting that GENEPRO flavorless Protein has been a real help. I don't even do shakes anymore, I mix it in with Crystal Light, or with chili. After four weeks of shakes, I couldn't imagine buying another bag of that stuff.

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Like I said I'm 3 years out and only wish I would have found GENEPRO way back when. I hardly ever do Protein drinks now due to using GENEPRO in my coffee. Plus I am able to take more Protein in with my food. It WILL get better. Just hang in there.

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      Went to see the Star Wars movie yesterday. (Glad I waited as no one else was in the cinema for the midday session - yes!) Hadn’t been to the cinema for a few months and OMG I suffered the most terrible butt pain.  So uncomfortable. Started after 30 mins. Was in the premium cinema so grabbed a cushion to sit on but it didn’t help. Ended up sitting sideways in the chair, stretched out on an ottoman. Soooo super glad no one else was there. Sometimes I do miss my old butt fat cushioning... but not really. 
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        💚 Congratulations, you'll do great 💚

    • SabrinaGoddess

      Week 5 Post Op Report

      What a journey! I am 5 weeks from surgery and a total of 24.4 pounds down!

      I feel amazing! I’ve incorporated a ton of walking and I’m using my Apple Watch to help me along! I have closed all three of my fitness rings for 11 days straight! Ok, so I am in LOVE with my Apple Watch. I've had it for almost a year and I am just now tapping into it's fitness power!

      I keep on top of my protein, vitamins and biotin!

      I struggle with water but I average about 50 ounces a day. I have only had one day where I had to “purge” because something did not agree with me. Tuna and my Tiny Tummy still do not agree so I’m going to leave it alone for a while!

      I walk on average a little more than 3 miles a day for my exercise but manage to get in at least 13,000-17,000 steps a day depending on how my schedule goes.

      I get up every hour and walk around for at least five minutes. Then if I’m watching a show I get up and walk in place during the commercials!

      I meet with my doc this week for a progress report.

      I have one more week before I graduate from soft foods to the final phase!

      I’ve got my cookbooks ready, my food scale ready and my measuring plates ready!

      I could NOT be more happy with my progress! I feel amazing and I’m grateful to have this tool!

      None Scale Victory: My rings on my finger are spinning!

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      1. Krimsonbutterflies

        Sabrina, you are doing so well. I'm truly inspired and equally excited for you. The view you shared is breathtaking and relaxing, I'm in love with the ocean. Please keep sharing. Where did you find the trackers and how do I access them? My date is approaching the 31st, I'm in liquid diet mode. I see my surgeon on the 17th. Any advice?

      2. SabrinaGoddess

        You got this sis! You totally do.
        The ocean is so peaceful. Some days I get blessed with seeing whales, dolphins and seals. It is truly amazing.

        You can go to under our name at the top left section and click "TICKERS" you can create them there. Then when you lose weight you just go to "my surgery" and change your weight and they will adjust.

        On the liquids, do sugar free pop-cycles. They are more like a treat than a liquid and they count as 2 ounces each! Liquids not the funnest part of our journey but who cares....LOL. I do like the IsoPure clear liquid protein drinks, you can get them at GNC. The flavors are ok. I also LOVED Kettle and FIre Broth and Epic Broths so I drank them all the time, it's good for you. It's BONE BROTH. Kinda pricey but the good stuff usually is.

      3. Krimsonbutterflies

        Thank you for the encouragement/positivity!!! I'm going to conquer this liquid phase, moment by moment. I also appreciate the mini tutorial of how to get the ticker. I'm thinking of starting status updates after my pre-op visit with the surgeon on Friday. I really enjoy the personal perspective and experience being shared, without feeling like the thread is being dominated. I look forward to how each person is approaching the wls lifestyle. Thank you lady, good night. Happy Whale watching. I love seeing the dolphins at Hermosa Beach.

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