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Crazy Ates: GET TO KNOW ME!! Debut Query

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Pickles, I just plan the parties for fun! It would be an awesome job! So, I wish it was my job too, as long as it would still be fun!

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Wow. Thanks Kathy, I had no idea.


Sounds way cool, doesn't it? I want to try it! :usa:

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Geo-Caching is modern day treasure hunting. People hide a cache, usually a stamper in a box, and list the coordinates to it's location on a website. You then use a GPS to locate it and put a stamp in your book as a souvenir. I'm not sure that my explanation is clear enough. Here is a link to the main site: Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site

and for those that don't have a GPS unit, there is also letterboxing. Same idea but instead of finding the box at a set of coordinates, the instructions are like "Go to the 3rd fence post and walk north for 30 ft." Etc. Some are harder to find than others. It is great fun for the whole family. My boys call it treasure hunting. Here is a north American website that has info: Letterboxing North America


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MY PRIMARY RELATIONSHIPS INCLUDE: Hubby of 8 years, Al (Woody) Next to the band, the best thing I ever did was to marry him.

MY NON-HUMAN FAMILY CONSISTS OF: 85 lb shepherd/boxer cross.....5 years old, name is Biggles.....he is as daft as a post.

I LIVE IN: Fenelon Falls, Ontario....2 hours n/e of Toronto.

OCCUPATION(S): I own / operat a fine dining restaurant and a small ladies fitness centre

AND away from the table! hungry.gif

AVOCATION(S): Love to sew, watch movies, Coronation Street, and read

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EVERYBODY CALLS ME: Marilyn, my dad calls me Marz, my DH calls me Carrot Top.

MY PRIMARY RELATIONSHIPS INCLUDE: hubby of 15+ years, DS Trevor (12), DS Brendan (will be 9 in 2 weeks).

MY NON-HUMAN FAMILY CONSISTS OF: A Leopard Gecko, named Desert, like the one on the Gieko commercials except he's orange & tan and only talks when I've had one to many margaritas! A black guinea pig named "Hamster" and a frog whom I don't believe has a name! We had a cat for about 3 days.... Until my DH said it was either him or the cat... I got out-voted!

I LIVE IN: Roseville, Michigan.

OCCUPATION(S): Until a year ago, I was a self employed Graphic Designer for 10 years. Which was very convenient while my kids were little. Now I'm a Substitute Teacher. Never a dull moment! I also create handmade greeting cards and sell them at craft shows. And like Nana, it keeps me off the streets and out of the kitchen!

AVOCATION(S): I also love to create scrapbooks and travel. I also like taking my boys to the zoo and waterparks.

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EVERYBODY CALLS ME: Lindsay or Lin, just don't call me late for supper :)

MY PRIMARY RELATIONSHIPS INCLUDE: Husband of 5 years, Matt. I live upstairs from my supportive parents and younger brother. I also have 4 beautiful nieces, Talya, Brook, Hunter and Madison!

MY NON-HUMAN FAMILY CONSISTS OF: My shih-tzu daughter Cookie, she'll be 2 in a couple of weeks! The love of my life!!!

I LIVE IN: Providence, Rhode Island

OCCUPATION(S): I work in a group home for the mentally ill, been there for 7 years. I am also the medical assistant to a podiatrist twice a month. I just started the clinical portion of nursing school, 2 years and I'll (hopefully) be done!!

AVOCATIONS: Love getting together with friends, watching football, studying my butt off! I'm addicted to Myspace (wanna be friends?) and I adore gossip magazines and music!

I started my journey at 248 and weighed in at 227 yesterday, feelin good so far!!

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MY PRIMARY RELATIONSHIPS INCLUDE: Husband of 6 years, Geoff. My three children, Mike (19), Tommy (3) and Anna (2) and my Grandson, Jordan (1 in Oct.)

MY NON-HUMAN FAMILY CONSISTS OF: A very big Mastiff named MaX and two fish.

I LIVE IN: Highland, Indiana

OCCUPATION(S): I am a document specialist/legal secretary at a lawfirm in Chicago.

AVOCATIONS: Spending time with my friends and family. Soon it will be shopping....at a store without plus sizes :)

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MY PRIMARY RELATIONSHIPS INCLUDE: Boyfriend of 2 years, Lee. Brother of 21 years, Christopher (Chris or CJ) depends on his mood!

MY NON-HUMAN FAMILY CONSISTS OF: No one. I don't do pets.

I LIVE IN: Redmond, OR

OCCUPATION(S): High School Chemistry Teacher

AVOCATIONS: Watching sports (Go Seahawks!), cooking, reading, planning lessons (yes that can be fun), traveling, go to the theater and symphony, and playing world of warcraft (yep, I'm a nerd)

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I'm addicted to Myspace (wanna be friends?)

I started my journey at 248 and weighed in at 227 yesterday, feelin good so far!!

Hi, Lindsey -- I just yesterday started a page at MySpace -- BOY!, do I have a LOT to learn. But 'TOM' is lookin' mighty lonely in my "friends" section!! LOL Please look me up!

And congrats on your progress!

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Nana, I have difficulties navigating this site, but I'm a pro at Myspace! It's hard to find someone on myspace unless you have their email address. Go to "search" and put in linzmb2000@yahoo.com. That is my email address, add me and We'll be friends. If anyone else out there has a page and would like to be friends, don't hesitate to add me!! Don't worry, Evil Lin, is only my profile name, not a state of mind. :eek: I've written some blogs about my lapband journey so far. Be interseted to see what you think! Hope to hear from you soon:):D:):)

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Husband: Jeremy (married 9 years) from Jonesboro, Arkansas

Daughters: Haley (12) Ashley (8) Mary-Shannon (7)

Mom: Kim - Stepdad: Jerry (N. Little Rock Arkansas)

Dad: Bobby, RN - Stepmom: Judy (Jonesboro, Arkansas)

Brother: Trey, sister-in-law Stephanie, neice Anna Claire (6) nephew Nathan James (2) (Maumelle Arkansas)

Sister: Samantha - 18 - Freshman @ University of Arkansas - Chi-Omega

Grandmother: Chris (N. Little Rock Arkansas)

Best-Friends: Bridget (Shreveport, LA) & Brooxie (her Boxer)


"T-Doo" - Male Yellow Lab puppy 5 months old and a maniac

"Dizzle" - Female Texas Blue Heeler - 1 1/2 years old - Mama's girl

"Connor" - Male Pomeranian - the "baby boy" we never had!

I LIVE IN: Plano Texas - suburb just north of Dallas (2006 - present)

Previously lived in:

Fort Worth, Texas, where my husband graduated from TCU (go Frogs)

Vail, Colorado (where my oldest daughter was born)

Little Rock, Arkansas (my hometown - woo pig sooie!!)

Jonesboro, Arkansas (my husband's hometown - Go Big Red)

OCCUPATION(S): I work in the oil and gas exploration/drilling industry. My official title is "Firm Administrator" which means I wear a lot of hats, but get paid for wearing just one hat.

AVOCATION(S): I'm not sure what an avocation is, but I think it's the same as a hobby. If so, I have very few because I have very little spare time with a full time job, three kids and three dogs. (and my husband is better with the recliner and remote than household husbandry, so let's make that 4 kids) I do have a housekeeper one day a week, which I would hate to do without, but still don't have much time.

I do like to collect frogs (frog prince is my favorite) I like my houseplants and I like to take pictures of my family and pets and frame them in neat collages. I give a lot of those as gifts...just the pix of the kids, not the pets! (as if everyone enjoys looking at my kids as much as I do!! Ha!)


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PRIMARY RELATIONSHIPS ARE: Husband , Claxton of 17 years, two biological children,, and 5 step children, total of 6 boys and 1 girl. These 7 have produced 17 grands, all healthy happy, and content.

MY NON HUMAN FAMILY CONSISTS OF: Two terriers, one rat and one yorkie and one Maine coon cat named Sassafras.


OCCUPATION: Happily retired

AVOCATION(S): Exploring this wonderful country of ours, knitting, gardening, reading and hiking

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    • New To This23

      I have been waiting over a month to get into the nutritionist. I have an appointment, but I would love any advice on what to do diet-wise to lose weight before surgery. Like most of you, I have also struggled with my weight and have successfully yo-yo dieted myself into the above 300lb range. I feel like eating in a calorie deficit at my weight, it should come off, but it hasn't been and I have been tracking my food too.  Thank you
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    • Allie Cat

      Sleeve date 2/9/23!  So flipping excited!  I have about 100lbs to lose…maybe just a bit more.  Glad to be a member here as of today 2/7/23.
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      New here! Looking for new friends! Surgery is 2-15-23
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      1. deandre.adamson@langston.edu

        Howdy MindyG81 how are you today?

      2. New To This23

        Hi, Mindy G, I am new here too, my surgery will not be until July or August, but I could use a friend. I see yours is coming up soon. Are you doing the liquid diet before surgery? How's it going?

        I would take any advice on what to do for weight loss before the surgery, I have my first nutritionist appointment on Feb 9th (the soonest I could get in). But I was 12 lbs heavier than what my doctor submitted as my weight to my insurance, so I have to lose that plus at least 10 more pounds and I am struggling.

    • TakinThePlunge

      WOW by the Grace of God 17 years ago I went to Mexico and had a lap band put on for weight loss and my waist was 64 inches and That’s more than 5 foot around and 18 stone  my weight was 375 pounds. Today I went shopping for not sweats and I succeeded. I found pants and a shirt at an awesome price at Burlington by the way. But the real story here is, today. My waist is 45 inches and my weight is 260. Both incredible numbers but think about this. My waist is almost 20 inches smaller around Wow that’s a brain wrecker.  Still, I love my band  I even celebrate it’s birthday 10-26-06 FYI-it’s kind of like choking yourself, and never letting go. And trying to eat. lol Life is good 
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