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Any one with previous or anticipated ex revenge?! With weight loss not with words :)

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Just sharing: For a while I've been studying EXACTLY what causes low self esteem and more importantly what causes HIGH self esteem. A REALLY good video which sums a lot of it up is on YouTube titled " Brian Tracy on how to develop self confidence and become successful (in fgexpress)". The lecture is based on science and REAL data. It helped me take inventory and realize that I have complete control over my self esteem despite a rough child hood and several failed relationships. I encourage anyone who's interested in this topic to give it a watch.

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My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me 4 months ago because he said i gained too much weight (His words your just too fat) and he was no longer attracted to me. I was sad at first but now I've healed and my surgery is 2 days away!!!. He tries to call me at least once a month but I ignore or text him please don't call unless its an absolute emergency.

I am a bridesmaid in my besties wedding in July and he still has my bridesmaid dress at his apartment. Can't wait to call him out the blue 50 lbs down and ask oh can I meet you at a coffee shop to pick up my dress :)!

Oh and I haven't really thought about him in 2 months I've started an online business and I literally eat sleep and breath my business which has been great in distracting me from food during my all liquid diet. I am not obsessing over it or anything just wanted to share my story and thought it might be cute to see the look on his face. He has no idea I'm getting the surgery! Mentioned it once but didn't want to tell anyone until I was approved. Found out 2 days after we broke up!

Any stories or advice? Thanks!

i think this is a swell idea, make his mouth drop!!! Good luck!!!

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