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Anyone Have Flare Up Of Gout?

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I've am 7 weeks post OP....gout is now a problem.never had it before. I also have high folick acid.

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So...one of the known risks of high Protein weight loss diets is gout....all the protein (not all Proteins but many meat proteins) causes increased Uric acid levels which causes the gout crystals to accumulate, which causes ouch. Google low purine diet or gout diet and see if there's a way for you to meet your protein requirements while staying lower purine. Also drink lots of Water. I hate that this is happening to you. Gout is miserable!!! And I really hope they gave you good drugs for the pain!!!!

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My husband (and his family) have gout really badly. I can tell you if he touches red sauce, beef, grapefruit or alcohol he is in serious pain. I also know that his dad has a prescription from his doctor that seems to keep the gout at bay.

Maybe that will help you?

SoccerMamma73 is right about gout though... Water, water... and then more Water is the best way to feel better fast. I hope you feel better soon!

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I have had gout since I was a teenager. Here is what I do fo my gout. I try to drink as much Water as I can stand and I mix lemon juice with the water. The lemon juice is a natural way to get rid of the uric acid. I avoid shrimp and when I see the joint on my big toe start turning red ,I flush my system with as much water and lemon juice as I can stand. After surgery I had several flareups but I think that was due to my body adjusting to the high levels of Protein I was taking in. I also try to avoid red meat everday, if I have red meat one day the next day I eat chicken or pork. Good luck.

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