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Fitbit Vs. Bodybug Vs. Omron Pedometer Hj-720Itc

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I now have 3 different pedometers ( don't ask why-LOL): FitBit; BodyBug & the Omron Pedometer. Here are the different features:

FitBit: tracks steps, stairs, sleep & food log, Weight log, $99 for unit & $49 for 1 year premium subscription to trainers & logs. Bluetooth compatible w/ apps

BodyBug: tracks steps, activity time (sustained cardio), sleep & food log, weight log. Bluetooth enabled, $199 for unit & I year subscription & has app

Omron Pedometer HJ-720ITC: steps, aerobic level steps, calorie burn,stop-watch, comes w/ software & computer cable that downloads your data to an Excel spreadsheet, uses 2032 lithium battery, $59.99

FitBit pros: cute. & very discrete profile / con: VERY inaccurate on everything. I wore all 3 units for the last 2 days & FitBit had over 1,000 more steps than the Omron, about 400 more than BodyBug. It said I had 5 hours of sleep & woke up 11 times last night. (You wear it around your wrist in a nylon pouch, so if you flail your arm it counts as waking up. I had it on my right arm first & it said I woke up less on that night.)

It does interface with My Fitness Pal (MFP) but only transfers your burned calories. It has it's own food database but it is not near as robust as MFP, so you still end up using both. Also counted me going up & down the escalator at work as stairs & gave me a badge--LOL

Omron pros: cheapest, easiest to use, within 2 steps when I counted out 50 for all three, so most accurate. Also works with their blood pressure monitor to download to Excel. I used this for years & took the printout to my PCP to show how much exercise I was getting. Cons: no app, badges, rewards or "sharing", still have to use with MFP.

BodyBug by BodyMedia, pros: most accurate sleep monitor, 2nd most accurate step & activity monitor. Cons: most expensive, food database sucks, reporting is ok & must be worn around your arm & the 4 metal thermoresistance discs have actually blistered me on workouts!

My choice is going to be to go back to the Omron & either Calorie Count app or My Fitness Pal.

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