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Anyone Have A Relatively Easy Recovery Story?

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James - what would you like to know?

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I was the first patient in on a Monday morning, came thought with no issues and was released from the hospital the next day. Never cracked the seal on the pain meds prescribed, Tylenol Jr was enough to take the edge off. I went back to my desk job the next week. I was "pleasantly surprised", as you say!

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I'm sure I must have posted in this thread already cos I am getting notifications. But just thought I'd chime in again...

I'm nearly four years post-op now and have still not had any problems. Never had much pain, could eat anything at all, still can. Still have restriction, things still mostly going well. I've acquired a B-12 deficiency, but that just requires 4x yearly injections to supplement, all other labs are good. I take my Vitamins etc religiously. I don't have much of a stomach acid or reflux problem, so I just take my PPI as needed, maybe 2-3 times per week 20 mg, depending on what I've eaten.

I HAVE gained back six kg over the past year, mostly due to stress and a major lifestyle change, but I've started to get back on the 5:2 horse and have already lost a kg again. So I'll get back down to my goal weight again, though I had a new goal of 65 kg, so I'd really like to lose 10kg from here...

I'm babbling. TL;DR: I have had a h3ll of an easy time of it, from the very start. I have always recommended the sleeve highly.

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Anyone Have A Relatively Easy Recovery Story?

@@James McDonald

raisig my hand, jumping up and down

screaming "I did, I did" :)

never had gas, vomitting issues

no problems with drinking or sipping Water :)

when i came home, went to sit down,..........oh,oh - first prob :huh:

my stiches hurt when i tried to sit

had to maneurver alot til i could get "somewhat" comfortable

sleeping was hard too because i only can sleep on my side, and it hurt :(

within 2-3 days, both problems got better

i was slightly tired for the first week

no noise or kids around so i was able to rest frequently

and this time - my hubby took care of/helped ME :)

(there is always a 1rst time) :D

people post their recovery stories, good and bad

its the "bad" stories that usually stick out in peoples mind

the good stories aren't told as often cuz they are normal fine recoveries - borrrring ;)

basically my recovery went smoothly :)

you look like a smart cookie :)

I'm sure you will make the wise decision to have the sleeve :)

am alittle biased, but i think the sleeve is the best surgery

do your research about differen types of WLS too

sleeve "stores" give me $50.00 everytime i promote the sleeve :D

best of luck

speedy healthy recovery :)

good luck :)


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I am 1 week post op today and its been great!! No pain meds since coming home, no problems with getting my liquids and protein! Im so glad I had this done. Also I'm down 15 pounds in 1 week!!!!

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