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My doctor said to use Bariatric Fusion during my 2 week pre-op so I ordered the sample pack from their website. After hearing all the stories on here of how horrible the Protein is, I must say I was surprised at how much I like them (although you might ask me again after that's all I've had to "eat" for weeks and I might feel the same as the rest of you..:) ). I have tried all of them except the unflavored. The orange was my least favorite. It wasn't gross, but it just wasn't orange enough for me I guess. I had the Cappuccino flavor this morning and I LOVED it. I will definitely be ordering more of it and next time I think I'll make a frozen cappuccino out of it. I just ordered some Unjury and nectar today and from what I have read these seem to be the most favorite so we'll see!

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I have found that the taste for different Protein Drinks varies from person to person. Some might say it tastes like a monkeys ass while others rave about how wonderful it is. I think its all in our own personal tastes. Glad you found a variety that you like right away. Some people have spent months finding the right kind. I purchased sample packs from several different companies and so far there is only one that I didn't like. (it was to taste like vanilla but tasted like playdoh instead). So I will avoid that kind from now on. I like Unjury and Syntrax Nectar as well. Now I am on mushies I am trying to get more of my Protein from my food and less from drinks. I only have one Protein Shake a day.

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I would say that most people are OK with their Protein, but it's the old phenomenon: only people who hate it speak up. Just like in customer service - you may think it's all shit, but people who are happy don't call the hotline to tell them "I bought your widget yesterday, it works fine. Thanks" - CLICK. People only call if the widget sucks.

Same with Protein IMHO. It is a little finicky and I had to try a few different brands before I found one I liked, but now I am using Wheybolic Extreme chocolate, and I have no problem starting my day with this!

And LOL @Lily, I totally get the PlayDoh thing. I have one "Gourmet Elite Protein" that claims to be the tastiest. I tried PB & chocolate flavor thinking you can't go wrong there. Well, can I ever. Not sure who decided to call it gourmet elite...

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    • Krestel

      Psyllium husk is the sh*t! No really, it's my new go to for fiber in order to get regular. The nice thing is that it doesnt taste and is low in calories, so it's great for my shakes. It isn't expensive either and available in most grocery stores. Looking back on the forums, it seems to be FluffyChix favorite as well. 
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    • Fairytail

      I had gastric sleeve surgery 5 years ago. My gastric reflux has recently got so bad that's the acid burns into my ears. I was given a lidocaine solution that would help with the burning pain in my throat. I spoke to my gastroenterologist about a procedure I saw online for the reflux.  She said I didn't qualify so I went to see the doctor that did this procedure who happens to be a bariatric doctor. He explained why I was not good for the procedure because I had a stricture in the esophagus a hiatal hernia. Due to the gastric sleeve the acid is being forced up into my throat. The doctor wants to do a bypass which should relieve that pressure. I am going for an upper GI tomorrow.  I was wondering if anyone else as experienced this. I am new here I do not go on social media so I don't know my way around I will try to find my way back here.
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      1. Orchids&Dragons

        I was revised from a sleeve to a bypass 10 months out from my sleeve. I was waking up with acid in my mouth and burning the back of my nose. The bypass worked beautifully in eliminating the reflux. Oh, and to get back here, just google bariatricpal forums!

    • kdgarcia

      Surgery Next Tuesday!!!!!
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    • SabrinaGoddess

      Hide and Seek? No....   If you have noticed, it’s been a little bit of stretch between posts. It’s not because I am not interested in blogging. I absolutely love sharing my journey with you.   You see, my world has changed! I now exercise every single morning with a 3 to 4-mile walk. I also now meal prep so I don’t fall into old habits.   I am also a bit hooked on closing my Apple Watch Fitness Rings! In fact, I am obsessed with doubling and tripling most of them.   So this does take up a lot of time and by the time you add work into the mix and family time, it becomes a shorter day.   Priorities are in order for me and I could not be happier.   So in the last week, I’ve been hitting goals that I never thought I would be able to hit again. I weigh myself on Sunday’s now. It’s just easier to do before I get dressed for church. It just feels good. I refuse to constantly get on the scale when I see everyday victories. Like getting back into clothes I never thought I could, or taking the time to just breathe and be grateful for the blessings I have in my life right now.   Continued on www.SabrinaGoddess.com
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    • MissPennyP

      I’m confused 
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