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My Last Supper... And Emotions...

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From my understanding, PPI's such as Nexium, Prilosec, or Protonix can interfere with the absorption of B12. I take 1 sublingual B12 2500mcg daily. I'm also on 20mg Prilosec once daily.

My multi-Vitamin also supplies 250% of the daily value recommended of B12. I've never had any issues with my B12 being too high or too low.

Thanks Tiff...you are a wealth of information!!!!!!!! :)

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Hey Key pirate

We all know about our "last meal" and we understand completely!!! I look at your list now and forgive me think HOLY COW!!! But that is because I'm 3 weeks out from the sleeve!

You will be so amazed at the fact that you won't feel that hunger you felt before, if anything you will feel too full all the time. I can only tell you my experience and so far I LOVE the sleeve. I'm not hungry nor do I think about food all the time, I need to remind my self to eat!

If you feel like I do after your surgery, you will be one lucky lady!! I love what it has done and how I feel!

I had to have a revision, so I had no regrets about having surgery, just go into it knowing how much better you will feel. How healthy you will be!!

Good luck and happy losing!

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My last supper was a big salad lol :lol0: I've felt left out a couple times when people are pigging out, but for the most part, I don't feel deprived at all, because I can eat anything that anyone else can, just in small quantities. :lol0:

And your B12 will never be too high, that's just weird that she said that. Your body discards any b12 Vitamins that it doesn't need. That's why it doesn't hurt to supplement just in case.

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