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Becoming a Lean, Clean, Fat Burning Team

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Research supports that most people are more able to lose weight if they adapt a total lifestyle change and have an exercise buddy. That’s one of the reasons couples can be so successful if they work together to help each other become more active and eat healthy. Women use food to manage emotions such as anger, boredom, loneliness, and anxiety more than men do. Therefore, if women can talk to their partner about how they are feeling, many times this alone will help them curb their munching. Men have more tendencies toward drinking and watching TV than women. If women are able to encourage their partner to go for a walk or a bike ride with them, this helps him cut calories and become healthier. Working together can also lead to a closer connection with each other. You have a shared vision; rather than worry about your partner sabotaging you, they are going to be motivating you.

Before you begin, it is important to understand a few basics about men’s and women’s bodies in relationship to losing weight:

  1. Men lose faster. They have more muscle mass, faster metabolism and more Water. Therefore, the same exercise and diet will be reflected differently on the scales. Women lose slower, and the body fluctuates more due to menstruation as well as our higher fat content.
  2. Women get hungrier than men with strenuous exercise. Women’s bodies are designed to give birth, so what we burn we feel the need to restore.
  3. Both men and women can be addicted to trigger foods, but it is more common with women. If your partner understands this, you can ban specific foods from your home.

How to begin a couple’s exercise program:

  1. Choose an exercise you both want to do. It should be done at a level that you can continue to talk to each other, thus enhancing your emotional connection, as well improving your cardiovascular health.
  2. Choose the number of times each week you will engage in this activity and the time. If you are a morning person and your partner is an evening person, maybe you can go together on the weekends and separately during the week.
  3. Don’t compare your weight loss with your partner. What is important is you are encouraging each other. Congratulate each other more on their clothing size as they lose weight and how they appear. Are they more energetic? Do they seem happier? These are the things to notice.
  4. Take turns cooking healthy. Make dinners at home special. This will save you money as well as save you unwanted calories.
  5. If you feel a binge coming on, alert your partner that you need additional support to stay on track. Many times just telling someone else will stop the binge in its track.
  6. Supervise yourself only. Don’t become the sergeant to your spouse. The goal is to get healthier and whittle away the waist, not your marriage.
  7. Prepare for more intimacy. Women especially desire sex more when they feel better about their bodies. Sometimes losing one or two inches from her waist can turn a woman into a sex goddess.
  8. Be consistent. It takes about 30 days to make a behavior a habit. Everyone has the money and means to live a healthier lifestyle.
  9. With weight loss, as with everything else, you get better results when you encourage rather than shame.
  10. The more couples engage in activities, the happier they report their marriage. The more couples share a vision, the happier they report being. Losing weight with your partner achieves both of these.

A few more tips to remember…..

  1. Reward yourself: Every time one of you hits a goal, reward yourselves together. The reward must be something uneatable.
  2. Split restaurant meals: Whenever you dine together, cut your calories in half by splitting meals.
  3. Make sure sex is part of your exercise. Sex burns calories and reinforces the team spirit.
  4. Don’t make dining a date: Make your date nights “movement nights”. Take a walk, golf, bowl, or shoot pool.
  5. Focus on health not weight. If you focus on getting healthier you can embrace your life style with more determination than if you focus on being able to fit into a particular suit.

Teams are formed with like minded people. When you and your partner agree together that your team will be the best team, weight loss and healthy living are sure to be achievable goals. –Mary Jo Rapini

For more information and MONTHLY FREE RELATIONSHIP TIP go to: www.maryjorapini.com

Talk to me on my fan page: http://www.facebook.com/maryjorapini

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I SO wish I could get my husband to exercise with me!

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    • New To This23

      tl:dr at bottom,
      I could use some advice. I went to see my dietician today (not a bariatric surgery dietician, I can explain why I am seeing her if you want to know). She knows I am going to have weight loss surgery as long as I hit the goal weight my insurance told me I need to be at. I have to be at the goal weight by June 24, 2023, in order for my insurance to pay for my surgery.
      I had a weigh in the doctor's office a couple of days ago and weighed 301, my scale at home said 302. However, on the same day, the scale at a friend's house said 313. 
      I knew I had this Dietician appointment two days later and I knew she would weigh me. I continued to weigh myself at home (after getting new batteries) and I was at 302 then 299 and today at home I weighed 303, right before my appointment, when I got to her office I was weighed and it said 313.
      I am concerned about what to believe since the doctor's office and my scale show similar numbers. I also bought a new scale today and it said 313. 
      The Dietician told me I needed to eat more protein, which honestly I struggle with. she said I needed 150 grams!!  I said are you kidding? that seems like a lot.  She used my weight to come up with this number. 
      Should I really be trying to eat enough protein for a 300-lb person or should I be eating protein for a goal-weight person (mine is 170)?   
      also, my clothing is loose like I lost the 20 lbs mine and the doctor's scale shows, and not 10 lbs like everyone else's scale shows. Also, I have always naturally been more muscular even when I was 120 lbs and did not eat any protein aside from what is in plants. 
      tl:dr- should I be eating enough protein to support a 300lb person or should I be eating protein for a "normal" sized person? AND should I trust the Doctors scale more so than the Dietician's scale? 
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    • Seif_s88

      Post-gastric sleeve, lost 86 kg, gained 30 kg back. Cravings & balance struggles. Any tips? Let's chat! 💪😊
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      1. Tink22-sleeve

        Hi I can relate... When were you sleeved?

    • KatieB_2706

      Hi everyone!
      My name is Katie and I am looking for an accountability partner! I am having the RNY on April 3, 2023 - If there is someone looking for daily communication and support PLEASE contact me! I am so excited for this but I would love to have someone who knows exactly when I'm going through to support / be supported by along the way!
      I'm a 34year old mother of 2 living in central Maine. 
      Thank you!
      -Katie 💜
      · 2 replies
      1. Sonicnova82


        I would love to be your accountability partner. I had the sleeve in 2021, so maybe I can give you some insights.

        Please message me back, looking forward to hearing from you!


      2. New To This23

        Hi! How exciting I see that your surgery date is coming up soon!

    • Michelle90

      Thank you all for your advice and recommendations with surgery coming up. Just got my surgery time and it’s becoming more real that it’s so close!! 
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    • xoxoMeli

      1 day a time.  
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